Orac : release 1.0


Tried channelling RDJ with Additive Synth, Dust and Shimmer today. :egg:


Not a bug report, very likely human error so posting here. @thetechnobear, or anyone - what are some potential reasons for Orac not preserving modules in a saved preset? (U-Default appears instead of correct module, but does not pass sound or midi)

I am doing the following :

  1. Using ‘Save’ function in patch
  2. Update preset/new preset in patch.
  3. Organelles ‘Save’ function in main menu outside patch.

I wonder if the first step is in fact unnecessary.

In all likelihood, the problem is with me tinkering with so many patches and not being thorough while doing so (maybe forgetting things in module.json and module.pd)



I’ve had this happen before on occasion.
First I believe all you need is “update preset” and then “save” (both in orac).
Second, I’m not sure what causes this behavior, I did post about it at one point, including all details I could think to include: Orac: Bug reports