Orac : release 1.0


Tried channelling RDJ with Additive Synth, Dust and Shimmer today. :egg:


Not a bug report, very likely human error so posting here. @thetechnobear, or anyone - what are some potential reasons for Orac not preserving modules in a saved preset? (U-Default appears instead of correct module, but does not pass sound or midi)

I am doing the following :

  1. Using ‘Save’ function in patch
  2. Update preset/new preset in patch.
  3. Organelles ‘Save’ function in main menu outside patch.

I wonder if the first step is in fact unnecessary.

In all likelihood, the problem is with me tinkering with so many patches and not being thorough while doing so (maybe forgetting things in module.json and module.pd)



I’ve had this happen before on occasion.
First I believe all you need is “update preset” and then “save” (both in orac).
Second, I’m not sure what causes this behavior, I did post about it at one point, including all details I could think to include: Orac: Bug reports


Just had this happen again, it was with the DUST module in the third slot (m:2) while in 3x3+1 mode - were you by any chance using DUST, or experiencing this in the (m:2) slot? Would be great to get a fix for this… maybe we can nail down exactly what needs to be fixed? (the module or something in orac)


could be module.json is incorrect, like U-punchy


Thanks - this was enough a clue to get to the bottom.
The .json looked okay but - I noticed the dust module folder was in all caps (while all the other modules were all lower case). Changed the folder name to lower case and all’s well :slight_smile:


if you are using the sdcard then it is case sensitive i.e the directory name and module.json file must match.
so rather than change the directory name, you could have change the module.json.
(on usb, id have thought you would get away with it, but perhaps not…)

that said, Im not a fan of caps on small displays, they tend to shout a bit loud :slight_smile:


Thanks - and agreed on the caps.
Quick question - when using my QuNexus controller with Polybeats into Basic Poly, the octave up/down buttons are not functioning as one might expect. I can get super high if I’m on the Basic Poly page, using the highest octave setting on my controller for example, but when I flip to Polybeats and enter the same notes there, they are triggering lower octave equivalents.
Also curious if there is a way to have the midi notes bypass one module of a chain - for example, if I wanted the same setup as above, but the incoming midi from the QuNexus to play Basic Poly without also affecting what’s happening in the Polybeats sequence (while still on the Polybeats page on the organelle).


Hi everyone,
I am having this saving issue as well. trying to prepare for a tour and have been scowering the internet for the answer.

all module.json are correct

i update then save
when I turn it off it doesnt load correctly the preset at all.



Upload the module.json to Dropbox so I can try/look at it.

Also test only with modules that came with Orac initially, just in case it’s a problem with a particular module.
(Note: the issue with punchy detailed above)

We need to narrow the problem down a bit since we know that saving presets does generally work, not only did I test it , but others are using it.

Note: you need to load the preset when restarting it , as it loads the default preset when starting not the last saved preset


yes i am only using your orac modules. will upload every module i am using for this patch



My Punchy is named correctly. I tried everything. (cant reply to your post as im at my limit as a new user)

I also tried with polybeats and didnt save correctly


Punchy has an issue as stated previously

Above says how to fix it :slight_smile: