Orac : release 1.0


Wow, this is great fun and has an incredible amount of depth and further potential. Great job @thetechnobear and thanks.
I did crash it however. Think i routed a synth into a synth or something. Is there a way to have the organelle refuse module additions if the load becomes too heavy?


Yeah sorry I think I got a bit overexcited and could not figure out things. Everything is clear now. Thanks! I will try building a setup and sequence it with the Octatrack.

This may actually result in a lot of gear sales on my part, and perhaps even the purchasing of another Organelle. :slight_smile:


routing a synth into a synth is fine, in fact this is how you can layer synth sounds.

not really, the issue is this is all PD …

basically what is happening is Orac is dynamically re-patching itself when you load a module (go look at the patch, you might find it interesting :slight_smile: ).
so its just as if you used the editor and put a whole load of patches in the patch… basically PD would cry, and just become unresponsive.

but, it shouldn’t crash… i will say ive had lmnts crash a couple of times, though that i don’t think is orac related, just some bug in lmnts, that ive not tracked down.
( we will need to track bugs in modules separate to orac)

what we could do (and i kind of started in the module list) is document which modules are ‘expensive’, so that users can have a realistic expectation of what you can have.
e.g. poly synths are expensive, but sequencers usually not, some fx are expensive, some are not.

one other potential , is to allow the user to change the audio buffer size of PD (like you do on a computer), it increases latency, but allows you to potentially do more. (there are limits to this too)


Oh well, I thought this was some sort of not-a-robot test :P. Renamed it to .zip, extracted it and moved the folder to my USB. Will this work? Can’t try it just yet…


Sorry if I missed this in all the excitement–what would be the best way for users to share ‘meta-patch’ orac presets/module combinations?


yes it should do… but its not the preferred route :slight_smile:


good question.

ok, so when you do ‘save’ , this will save the entire rack and ALL presets (with their midi assignments), in a file called ‘orac-rack.json’

so i guess you could share that , but that’s not ideal , since this wont combine it with another users presets.

also currently, the only way to remove or rename presets is to edit the orac-rack.json file (which is just a text file).

so definitely something to improve… though we need to be careful here, once ‘3rd party’ modules are available, what happens if the other user doesn’t have one of the modules you used ?!


Incredible. Congratulations. Thank you.


I’m gonna throw up.

(Jk just being theatrical, holy shit though!!)


That’s so cool about modulation. There are several existing patches - most of the Mutable ports are good examples - that are crying out for an LFO or two :grinning:


yeah - having played with it in earnest some modulation would be wicked

but I’ve had a bunch of ideas for interesting generative modules - just need to find some of that ‘time’ stuff now!


I think it may have been a bit of midi feedback or something while changing a module, had sticky notes then eventually a freeze up.
Do sequencers pass notes to all modules that follow in a chain?
Polybeats -> rings -> granular freezer
Think granular freezer might be recieving notes from the polybeats sequencer that i don’t want it to. There is every chance im just missing something though.


I got freezes if I overloaded stuff (loading lmnts in 3rd chain which I would assume is pretty heavy duty processing wise) not sure if I’m brave enough to update the SOM (See hacking section) so will live with it for now :slight_smile:


Absolutely legendary. You’re a miracle worker Mark!

If someone could port those Monome grid sequencer apps into Orac (kria / meadowphysics / white whale / etc) I could officially sell all of the rest of my gear and retire to a desert island with this lil’ synth that keeps giving


Yes, also curious if tb’s armbian upgrade is a worthwhile boost to better run orac.

Great work on orac tb! thanks for sharing your ingenuity! here and on axoloti!


btw I was on another forum trying to describe why this is a game-changer, and here’s what I ended up with…

With the release of Orac, from what I understand, the Organelle becomes something else entirely - the best way I can think of to describe it would be “an OP-1, and just as cute and fun and friendly to use, except all of the synth, sequencer, sampler, recorder, and fx apps are customizable, modularized, chainable, routable, and there’s an ever-growing library of them”. I mean, that’s a hell of a cool thing and I’m still wrapping my head around it.


i think it’s a convenience for sure and a “game change” for some folks who do not want to program pd wont have to. Game changer for me has meant designing my own idea with my own skills, but i understand for folks that’s not their passion. The game changing part i see is that i could write smaller instruments for orac. But truly all theories aside learning pure data is the game and the game becomes yours whether your programming “modules” or patches


Yep it’s overnight become super flexible with a fast sound design format that wasn’t there before. Chaining any sound generator > any fx… Plus use your sequencer/s of choice. Quickly… without it eating up ‘making music’ time. Massive instrument upgrade :slight_smile:

Hoping we see many modules appear over coming months/years… Just a shame it doesn’t have the cpu to deal with chaining some of my favourite patches. But they can obvs still be used standalone :slight_smile: Crazy flexible little box!


yeah that’s the deal - much as I like being able to write code for making music - it’s nice just to be able to make music without doing so. This has turned the Organelle from a bunch of “TO DO” projects into something I can just use on a track - it has also made the workload for some of those TODO’s much less because I’ve got a useful framework for them

Top work from @thetechnobear - thank you so much again!


Wow, it’s even better than the new WEPA, which I hoped for :wink: Thank you!