Orac : release 1.0


I agree with you. Modular game can be interesting, but I still prefer the single complex instrument a patch can be. Helps me to focus in the music I truly can and have to do.
Helps me to don’t get lost in posibilities, if I’m explainig myself. :speak_no_evil:


Having both possibilities is a win-win! :slight_smile:


thanks @junklight , I really enjoyed your video too, great to see some music being made with Orac :wink:

Orac doesn’t have to be modular… you could consider it as a patch loader - you can load just one (complex) module, and Orac has very little overhead, in fact, due to the way the parameter/preset/midi learn is done in C++ (rather than PD), its actually more efficient than if you attempted to patch this functionality in pure data.

(if anyone wants to discuss this, then lets do that on the dev thread, to keep this on track)

but, Orac is just one toy in the toy box, your others are still in there, unharmed !
the ‘game changing’ is done by the musician not the toy.

one thing I will say, learning pd and combining patches in the PD editor is a very different experience to using Orac.

last weekend I wanted to do a (music) video for Orac,
so I grab the organelle, battery bank, headphones and went outside, and starting playing, different sequencers, different synths, and fx in different chains - in the space on 30 minutes, Id come up with 3 very different ideas…it was fantastic fun.

guess what stopped interrupted this fun?

I decided, it would be cool to have a recorder to multitrack, so I went inside grabbed the laptop, and converted overloop… only took about 15 minutes, but by the time Id done it, the vibe had gone - programming/patching it puts you in a different mindset.

thats not a slight on patching/programming (I do the odd bit :wink: ) , I think its a very creative process , its just different - some love/enjoy, some find it tedious… thankfully we are not all the same.


Totally agree! @ghostly606


Wow, that’s incredible.
Do you think this update will kill the need for 2 organelles, or more an op-1 ?
Like ghostly606, I’m on the verge of returning my op-1 and get the organelle instead, having the octatrack !:slight_smile:


nah, the more you have, the more options open up, more toys in the toy box :slight_smile:

actually, due to the ‘chain’ system, and midi learn, Orac actually works really nicely in a multi box setup, be it another Organelle or OP-1.


I’m having problems with MIDI learn. Sometimes the parameter is simply not mapped to the incoming MIDI CC or gets mapped after a few attempts but gets stuck at a value. After that neither the ORganelle knob nor the MIDI knob has any effect on that parameter.

I have tried this with the first two modules of the default patch, and also tried with two separate MIDI controllers -> Faderfox PC4 and a Nanokontrol (not at the same time).


I figured out the problem. When I MIDI map the parameter, the Organelle knobs also send out data (they are jittery, at least mine is). OR somehow the Organelle knob and the MIDI cc interfere with each other. When I wiggle the Organelle knob to the value the parameter has currently (pick up), then all works correctly.


You mean more toyboxes :smiley:
my question was rather : do I buy one or two organelles :smiley:


I’m waiting on 2 Axoloti arriving and really looking forward to using these with the Organelle. Almost giddy with excitement! For what I used the OP1 for I can see the Organelle fully replacing it.


two things that catch some (including me) out are:

  • CC=0 unlearns parameters
  • forgetting to deactivate midi learn :slight_smile:

I dont think turning organelle knobs sends out data, im pretty sure i disabled that.

however, I do still allow CC 73-76(?) to act as the organelle knobs, this would make things go really weird :wink:

I did consider (and still am!) disabling this, but the issue is that then the mother patch will not send notes from an attached midi keyboard, (its either CC and NOTES or nothing).
Perhaps I should change this in mother.pd in another OS releases (@oweno), such that the cc can be disabled, but the notes still works.

personally, I avoid this by turning off midi input on Settings->Midi Setup, as you can route midi directly via chains in orac anyway.

i assume your running 3.0, for me this really reduced the noise/jitter on the Organelles knobs… i rarely see parameter values moving ‘on their own’ now, but perhaps some organelles are more prone to it that others?!


@thetechnobear would it be a possibility maybe for Orac Modules to one day have a centralised Samples folder to browse/load/save to and from? With the ability to have nested folders inside of it per module? Would be very cool to be able to flip audio files between modules for different uses… Like for example resample something on a synth then open it in another module to use it as slices in a drum module etc…

Maybe there are reasons why a shared samples folder isn’t possible/optimal for some users or some patches? Either due to tech reasons or some kind of limitation that this might bring. But it’s something I often wish Organelle had from my POV…

Just thought I’d mention while I was thinking it. By no means a dealbreaker and I’m blown away by your work on Orac. Looks like endless fun to explore as is. Thanks!


More than a possibility :wink:


Sweet! Exciting times :slight_smile:


As someone who is a guitar player first, and does stuff like purchasing two of the same effect pedal to use one of the functions while still having the other at my disposal simultaneously, I immediately wished I could feed one Organelle patch into another for effects or sequencing purposes. As I’m balling on a budget, a 2nd Organelle was out of the question. I am so, so excited to try Orac. Thank you @thetechnobear - this is fantastic!


@thetechnobear do you think this will be worked to where it will accept sound input at some point?


I was planning on doing an input module with gain and channel select modes (left, right or stereo) which I can share once I get round to it. The inability to use names as variables is the only downside in the Kontrol system. Any way round that @thetechnobear?


This came up recently elsewhere, wouldn’t it be neat if one of the modules was sort of a sample manager in which you had more control over the samples that would then be nested for use by other modules? Like setting start/stop points. I feel like we’re pretty close with overloop and recorder in terms of the connectivity between patches, but if there was a more of a sample utility patch it would really cut down on the time spent on the computer.


Ah, I didn’t click that there was no audio input or sampling in Orac v1. Slight bummer but hopefully one of the first things explored now it’s out in the open. Plenty of stuff to mess with in the meantime :slight_smile:

Ideally I’d love to see a monitor input level built in to settings. I always found that kind of a pita when using Organelle in a live rig and also in some patches that had weird monitoring (lack of) where it was guesswork what I was sampling. Always seemed like it should be built in to the OS global settings…


err, there is audio input, and overdub already provides recording !?

sample recording, just a matter of converting one of the existing patches that does it?!
(does one of the C&G do a hold key record mode for sampling, cant remember?!)

monitoring, can be done, just depends where you put your modules and how they are routed…
(and of course organelle has an in level meter)

also the routers have gain control over input levels.

panning is something that could potentially go in the routers.

you mean enumerations, like ‘saw/square/sine’ - this will be added to Kontrol, when i get time, its on the list, to added different types.

to get around, what Ive done so far (and is not ideal, but better than nothing) , is use a numeric value, but then display the ‘text value’ down on the aux line… can’t remember which modules i idid it with, but one of them i think does it with time values?!