Orac : release 1.0


This is a really good idea and should be relatively simple to implement with the routing modules.

This could open up interesting external processing and feedback loops :o


yeah, I wanted to add for v1.0 , but realised that Id have to probably add extra pages to the routing modules, which already had quite a few pages :wink:

anyway, Im considering a bit of a change to the routers in v1.1 in the way they do gain, so I’ll look at panning at the same time.


Perhaps the multiple page problem could be solved with key/encoder combinations. User could hold 13th key on keyboard pressed while turning the encoder to adjust panning? This way you could even add aux sends to other modules. This would mean that you’d have to add two separate modules that lie outside the chains and would host effects.


yeah, Im really against using too many key combos… I do it on OTC, and I find ‘as a user’ it really hard to remember them… and when I use 3rd party patches that do it, I find it really off-putting.

its also actually pretty difficult to detect this…
basically Orac has ‘reserved’ encoder because it was the only thing available for navigation, so I cannot give it to the module, as a buggy module might then screw things up (and Id get support questions, even if it wasn’t my module!).

so for now I don’t have any good solutions which keep it simple to use, consistent and provide a fast shortcut,
but I do see it would be extremely useful in a few places - so no doubt my brain will process in the background.
(its pretty common for me to suddenly think of a solution ‘out of the blue’ whilst walking the dogs :wink: )

this is something im trying to avoid (for now!) … the idea currently is all modules can be anything, and there is little/no ‘fixed’ functionality - this is so that others are able to change things very radically without me needing to change Orac… as soon as you start saying module X is special, then you start down a slippery road of Orac defining the world, and what is possible… and I think that is anti-creativity.

however, again, thats not to say its an invalid approach, I again totally recognise, that perhaps something are so commonly needed/used perhaps they need special treatment (hence the ‘for now!’)
but i don’t want to start doing this to early, I want the community to get used to using Orac, to get a feeling for it, to see how different users use it… only then will I start ‘tying it down’ to improve usability.
(how long this is… I dont know, we will see)


a short break from ‘support’ , to say THANK YOU
the feedback has been fantastic, and its great to see suggestions for improvements and modules.

Whilst I know there are lots of improvements to be made ( its v1.0 so thats no surprise), I really do hope that you are enjoying Orac, and making some music with it.

It’d be great to see/hear some example (videos or soundcloud clips) of Orac in use,
making some sounds, and seeing how you are working within its limitations.

This helps us also learn together, not only whats is ‘wrong’, but also what is right… or how musicians are using the limits, working around them.

so dont be shy… share :slight_smile:

thanks to @junklight, and someone called Kentucky (not sure if they are here) , for sharing their videos on youtube, I enjoyed them - you should go check them out if you haven’t already!


Yes I understand your reservations. Mine are just suggestions, and perhaps you will find a way of implementing them. And the aux send idea is not really crucial. But panning or at least the ability to route chains to one or the other output would make Orac much more versatile. The actual panning can then be made on the mixer.

And once again, thank you very much for making the Organelle even cooler.


On each ‘module’ page of the routing modules, there are two lines free for use for panning or otherwise - so no need for adding more pages i don’t think?


I was thinking about it on the chain. Which has all 4 lines in use.
Anyway, as I said I’m going to review routers generally for 1.1


ok, Ive added S-norisampler to patchstorage,


this patch was primarily converted for the purposes of an instructional video, see link on PatchStorage.


place zop file into the same directory as Orac (not in the orac directory, not in the modules directory!)

if you installed Orac into /usbdrive/Patches,
then place the S-norisampler.zop into /usbdrive/Patches

then when you place the usb drive back into the organelle , you will see the option

‘Install S-norisampler’
click it and your done

(if you dont see it, then you have put it in the wrong place :wink: )

Gendyflext~ Stochastic Xenakis Instrument

Can confirm that loading s-lmnts in a running default pow-wow-poly lead chain will crash this sucker.

When this happens is there not much to do but unplug and hope for the best?


I just reboot (from terminal that is)


Ah, thanks!

Just had loads of fun running a 3x3+1 with

Powwow + Sampler 24 + Delay (drums)
Arp + Poly + Spectral (synth arps swept low to high)
CZZ + R-Reverb (pads)

Made a quick dump to ableton, will put together a sloppy, sometime clippy edit this weekend and share.


sorry what is powwow, there is no such module :slight_smile:

to have any chance of debugging, i need to know the exact setup, and also does it do it every time.

lmnt definitely does crash, but unfortunately, i played with it for about 2 hours last night, and it only crashed once - so that’s no chance of replication.
also not helping is i cannot install any debug tools on Organelle, due to its OS, so im going to have to debug on a rPI … also i think the issue is not in my code, but in MI … so its a tough one.

you don’t actually need to reboot, you can just type


basically all that has happened is PD has crashed, nothing more serious than that, unfortunately the Organelle does not cope with this, something i want to fix in OS 3.2


Sorry, not powwow, the default first module, polybeat seq. That was running with 3 or 4 activated notes and I accidentally switched module 2 from basic poly synth to lmnts (while the module 1 seq was running)… everything immediately locked up. Must say I haven’t tried to replicate the behavior.


Important NEWS

I think I have discovered the source of instability…

S-czz !

basically, if you load this module (in to slots 1 to 3) , then the PD/Orac will crash, when you load any new module into that slot to replace S-czz.

as for lmnts, after I installed the S-czz fix, I repeatedly kept swapping S-lmnts in and out, and had no issues whatsoever.
Im reasonably certain this is actually the cause of most instabilities, as people have been focus on what module they were trying to load, rather than what was there before, hence why Ive had report for brds AND lmnts.

so please install this , as soon as possible ,as it will fix S-czz

its essential this is installed, if you want to report bugs about other modules crashing , as i need to eliminate this from the possible cause - please respect this - this is very important, and I spent alot of time tracking this issue down!

also if you see people saying Orac is crashing, please tell them to install the fix.

(I dont think its worth releasing a 1.1 release just for this, and ive not had time to work on any of the things I want to be in 1.1)

Thanks for your help


Thanks :wink: of so many things, discovering SSH


Here’s the result of last night’s hour of ORAC


Was this multitracked or just a live stereo recording? Sounds awesome!


Live stereo with some selective editing but no multitrack. I edited out some buzzing as I was creating chains live as well as some noodling that didn’t go anywhere. But yeah, 3 chains is a mighty song tool!


Impressive, good job!