Orac : release 1.0


Total global save in Orac would be amazing.

Saving has always been kind of a foggy area for me in general on Organelle. Often not sure how much of what I’m doing at the time is going to be saved. Global sample folder + quick global saves and I’d be a very, very happy human :wink:


Stole 5 min session on it this morning and checked out the arp module. All cool but found myself missing bpm + division/multiplier. Will look through all the other modules tonight and see what’s in U-clock etc. But might be really convenient/Fun to have a settings option to enable global bpm + division/multipliers options per module?


And after using it a little more, massive kudos for making something like this work on the Organelle hardware with limited buttons and knobs. The ui design is great. Press + key for module selection, knob turn for module’s multipage params, the menus… All really well thought out and works great :slight_smile: Thanks!


that sounds neat :wink: really looking forward to it… it’s so cool for building melodies in a second! there are other single arp/seq patches out already but non of them is bar/beat-syncable i think.


100% agree with this, navigating around is a dream. The only point where it feels a little cumbersome is the navigation of the modules, especially when more and more are added over time. Maybe make the rotary encoder measure speed of twisting? Or add shortcuts to the maple keys? We’re never happy are we. :roll_eyes:

But seriously, what an effort to get this up and running! Thanks again.


you mean for module selection? if so I agree.
I think the solution is putting them in folders/categories… so utility/fx/synths etc
(also I need to do something like this to separate ‘factory’ modules and 3rd party modules too)

this was caused by me adding more modules than i expected, I initially planned ~30, but it was so easy converting, i just kept adding more …

the Push 2 control also a similar, all modules don’t fit on the screen, so I also have to add a paging system to it :wink:

(unfortunately I suspect ‘acceleration’ will not work too well as the encoder has ‘detent’, so I suspect it will feel a bit unnatural, and its natural resistance will make it hard to spin it quickly… but perhaps will try if it becomes a necessity)

syncing, yeah, this is all a function of the fact the modules all existed in isolation before, so as long as they were sync’d to a clock all was ok, but now we have multiple you want a bit more from sync’ing
then yeah, once you have that, its natural to have some kind of clock division/multipler too - i think a couple do, but Im surprised more dont - anyway, that gets into ‘individual’ module development rather than a core Orac ‘thing’

also as I mentioned on the other thread, theres nothing stopping other ‘interesting’ clock modules being developed, time is not a fixed concept, theres interest to be had playing with it… which is why there is not a fixed clock module in Orac :wink:

similar routers, are modules too, to allow module developers scope to play with the concepts of routing, e.g. a 2+2x3+2 is a very interesting routing scheme.


“the Push 2 control also a similar, all modules don’t fit on the screen, so I also have to add a paging system to it :wink:

you have the push2 driving this ? that is potentially very exciting (although I’d need to buy one first! :wink: )

(edit -added stuff rather than making another reply)

“time is not a fixed concept” lunch time doubly so to misquote someone :wink:

“also as I mentioned on the other thread, theres nothing stopping other ‘interesting’ clock modules being developed, time is not a fixed concept, theres interest to be had playing with it… which is why there is not a fixed clock module in Orac”

this is also very exciting!


yes. ideally it seems a sample recording editing patch/module (which can be saved/duplicated on the organelle) with sample sequencing playback patches/modules reading from these.

kind of an aside kind of OT but re Sampling:
has anyone played with the korg microsampler? what was fun about that instrument was the ability to switch between many samples and one sample pitched across the keyboard. …like a sampler24 that switches to a basic sampler/nori sampler at the press of a button (long press on aux/simultaneous aux and key press).


Yes indeed. My first (of two) Axoloti arrived this morning and being able to type out the first few letters of a module is so quick, I did wonder if a keyboard could be used in a similar fashion for the Organelle screen but I am guessing not as the keyboard could be being used editing Pd, etc. Folders / categories would work too of course. :slight_smile:


I would LOVE a Microsampler style module. Still use mine pretty often just for sampling on sofa and filling it up with stuff for random inspiration/sounds… Fast for making multisampled instruments too, bit like the Organelle Mellotron patch.

A similar module with the same timestrech to bpm option (mostly for when played chromatically so all pitches are same length…) and ability to trim start/end points per sample etc…and a shared sample folder to pull from/save to for use with other modules… Seems like probably a huge coding undertaking though :frowning: But some existing patches are vaguely similar, with different sample per key etc…


i’m naive to the code side. but since there are already similar patches/it kind of exists in pieces and aspects already it seems feasible. + I wanted to mention it to see if anyone else was interested.
&esp bc the way you mention using the microsampler seems suited to organelle (esp if one has a usb battery and adapter) .::synthlounge:.


I hope too ! Is it a possibility that the Grids sequencer app would be use as one module ? we will know a little more when @thetechnobear will release his tutorial convert video :slight_smile:


Speaking of grids, it would be ace if that module had a note selection page for each voice like the euclid module. flutters eyelashes


exactly! as long as various monome sequencer apps can be plugged in as sequencers within the orac environment, then that opens up the organelle as a standalone host for the monome grids (untethered to a computer) that can freely play around with all of the synths, samplers, effects, and oddities within organelle-land. that’s huge for any grids owner, imo.


another question that might have been answered elsewhere, not sure: is there / will there be native MPE support? for example, is getting anything to speak MPE as simple as loading up an orac version of @thetechnobear’s existing MPE patch and routing it?


first, this is great! thanks.
second, i’m getting a loud buzz/pop when i add patches. not sure if this user error or something else.
any info would be appreciated.


I’ve had some loud buzz too the first time I’ve run orac. I think it could be an USB card related problem. Maybe you should try with a most efficient USB card ?


no, its more complex than that, since MPE needs a channel

i get a small buzz, when loading some modules (lets keep the terminology clear ;))

i’ll look to sort this out for v1.1
I did a little research on the issue, it appears to be down to PD taking a short while to load the module, and then initialise it.
so i need to silence the audio stream whilst i unload the module, and load the new one, it’ll be probably a split second.

@TonyLB, yeah, im using an sdcard, so may be its a bit quick for me, but i still get it a bit.

generally… new modules, lots of possibilities, though personally i want to improve a few things that were already on my ‘to do list’, and also been mentioned here and elsewhere… so no promises at the moment.

oh… i have just filmed the ‘converting modules video’, with nori sampler, so that’s ready to go sometime tomorrow .


sounds good. thank you


Would it be possible to add panning? This would make sense on the last module of a chain, I guess. I would like to send one chain out of one outpur and another out of the other output. 2 x mono. Of course the ability to pan the outputs of chains in the stereo field would also be very useful.