Orac: Rings and Clouds Note not playing

Hello everyone. First of all I would like to thank all the developers in this page for their time and effort.

Here´s my question:
I´m using Orac and in any of the arrangements (3×3 – 1×10 – 2X4) Rings works great. But if paired with Clouds, some of the notes won´t play. This issue disappears as soon as I remove Clouds. Any ideas, suggestions?

Thanks again!

Clouds currently accepts only L (mono) input, while rings pans notes 100% L or R in some cases. I think that’s the issue? Clouds should be stereo so it’s fixable I think, I’m sure I remember mark @thetechnobear fielding this before.

Maybe that´s it… Forgot to say, running rings in Int. Strum ON.
I tried a couple more combinations and the there´s on mode working full notes: n°5 in Rings

ok, to be clear rings/clouds is not crashing, its just you cant hear certain notes. (rather different things)

this is cause I believe by an ‘issue’ in clouds, and also a ‘feature’ of rings

  • clouds is mono, its an easy fix if you open up the clouds module, and its fixed for orac 1.1 already.

  • rings, is it doesn’t really have stereo output, it has 2 channels output, rather left is odd harmonics , right is even (see MI website)

in orac 1.0, the two channels were always treated as stereo(*), with no panning options (this exaggerated the clouds issue)

in orac 1.1 chains allow you to have split stereo panning, which means you have the ability to treat as independent channels, e.g. you could now chose to process the odd OR even harmonics, and put into clouds in a central position.

(*) ok, this is not really an issue in orac 1.0, rather there is no control , you could create a panning module to ‘fix’ this. but for 1.1 I wanted central control, to be more like a mixer.

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Thanks @thetechnobear for the effort you put into this community. I pointed towards crashing because some notes played chocked, but I know a precise symptom description helps you treating the patient quicker, I´ll be working on this.

At the same time, Rings in Mode 5 works great with Clouds, that kind of got me lost. Still surfing the workflow, got my Organelle a week ago.

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yeah, I suspect thats to do with what outputs come from each mode, and hence why without clouds you can hear the rings output… but I’ll have a bit of a play with it when doing Orac 1.1 to make sure.

theres a similar issue with wrps (warps), which can deal with 2 channels (both in and out) rather than stereo,
but I dont think many are experimenting with warps, so its not been noticed :wink:
(in its current form I will say wrps is a bit odd, I hope Orac 1.1 will make it more obviously useful, as its a very powerful fx module)

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One post a day for me, I don´t want to drive everyone crazy, but noticed that. Also some issues with braids first algrtms, read something mentioned in another post… Still, amazing work and collaboration for the release of these modules.
Been playing mostly with the MI since day 1. Hope to be of some help with Orac 1.1 feedback and testing.
Thank´s again for your time!

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Sorry to bother you again, but to come clear, been playing with rings alone but in orac and still the same issue, won´t play all the notes… is this related with the output thing you were telling me about. I understood that had to do with clouds being mono, not with the output of orac 1.0


honestly, I’ve not had a lot of time for playing with PD. and so this recently…

the issue I referred to is that clouds is only take the LEFT input.
so in the normal mode rings, outputs odd harmonics on left, and even harmonics on right.
so this means if there were no odd harmonics, you’d here nothing.

ok, this seems unlikely , but i suspect different rings mode may use these outputs differently, so there may be some modes where there is little/no audio on the left channel that clouds is using.

BUT the fact it, it was a bug for clouds to have a mono input, i just forgot to connect the right input, so you can easily add this back to ‘fix it’

however, whilst this fix will work, its kind of a hack.
the thing is rings is NOT stereo, it is 2 channel output, so really want we want to do is to select/mix from these… this will be possible in orac 1.1. as you are able to do panning on chains.
(that said, i might add this panning as an option for output on rings module too, so that it can be done within 1 chain)

I´ll cut to a video example on both my rings post to be clearer @thetechnobear
As always, thanks for your time and patience

Here is what happening, playing rings in orac alone. This is the reason why I keep playing with the standalone version, as I get all the notes there

Wow, just entered for first time ever to Pd and fixed the reverb issue in secs (lucky shot). So excited!!

@thetechnobear now I have a terrific squeal when note triggers (inlet trig) and then the note plays. Is this patching as you mentioned?

Squeal Fixed - Note Thru OFF