Orac 2.0 Rngs trigger problems

I just installed Orac 2.0 on my Organelle v1,

I have only one module, RNGS, on A1. In the “Internal” page, I set “Int Strum” to ON, “Int Exciter” to ON, “Int Note” to OFF.
Polyphony to 3. I play with the Organelle’s keys.
I notice 2 things :

  • Only each two key press actually produces a trigger (but I can’t hear the pitch change with long lasting note setting)
  • Consecutive presses of the same key are ignored.

Am I missing something ?

First question can be answered by : it’s stereo and I was hearing only the Left channel.
Second issue is still a problem, though.

I think the strum mode is not working properly…

I coded the Rings external before I had a real Eurorack Rings module (and also before VCV rack was released :wink: ) , so really didn’t know what its behaviour was.

now I have a rings eurorack modules I now know how its all suppose to work
so I want too:
test the strum, note, and external exciter modes
review polymodes and num of chords, as there is something ‘fishy’ going on there :wink:

my guess, is the issue is probably related rings needing a trig rather than a gate, or something to do with my poly->mono conversion.
(rings is really a monophonic instrument, its polyphony is just about letting tails ‘ring out’)

Ah, that would be awesome if you could fix it indeed. What is ‘num of chords’, by the way ?

Another question/suggestion, even if it’s more about Clds : I notice (as in the “real” module) that the output level is often (in most of the uses) super low. Would it be possible to add a simple “gain” utility module ? (Although that could be a good practise for my first Orac Module).

Edit : it seems that 'Num Chords" is for Model 4 pitch.

clouds need to check, it might be it needs more input gain, rather than output?

num chord - yeah, I need to review this… and see if it makes more sense to follow what the real module is doing… as makes it simpler to use, and get rid of stuff that only works in certain situations/models.

I can’t say if the problem is at the input or output stage, I’ll make some tests but it’s hard to tell from ear isn’t it ?
Add my voice for the same parameters as the module.

Any update since my last post ? Rings is still not really useable.
Also, would it be possible to make a mono (I mean ‘not stereo’) mode for Rings ?

To make a Mono version was trivial.
However, I think there are some bugs :

  • as said before, it’s impossible to play the same note twice.
  • When internal strum is on, Rngs instantly becomes fully polyphonic and ignores the poly mode.

Hi! I was just thinking of going for a rings module, and then remembered the orac one - was curious if there’s any plans to tweak this or if it’s kinda “is what it is” and I should go for the physical module… thanks for any info hope all are well :slight_smile:

on my list… but its a big list of projects at the moment :wink:

i don’t really think you can compare to the physical module… the main thing about doing this in eurorack is its so easy to setup new modulations, and link it to other things in your rack - most of the fun I have with Rings in eurorack, is finding new an interesting things to send to its input :wink:

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