Oraganelle + Koala Sampler?

Anyone out there using their Org w/ the koala sampler on iPad? Do they play well together? Any luck midi mapping the Org to use as the controller for it?

This video from playpm got me thinking…

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There’s a lot of possibilities from what I can tell. As for using the Organelle as a controller, it is possible through sending MIDI out and sequencing it with something like Multicycle in Orac with the added benefits of different instruments and possibly feeding back the audio input from the iPad into the Organelle for some effects processing. I imagine it would probably be best to get some type of portable midi controller however for triggering the samples so you can get velocity sensitivity (I don’t know if that is supported on the sampler but I assume it would be).

However, I don’t know how sending midi over USB would work and I don’t know how to go about getting 1/8 inch MIDI into the iPad because I don’t own one.

If you are looking for some kind of sampler that works on the Organelle by itself, I recently put out a patch for Orac where you can trigger (albeit 4 and not 64) samples but you have a lot of ways you can sequence, effect, mangle and resample them. However, there is no velocity. OracLoops | Patchstorage


I use Koala with external gear. As both iPad and Organelle are MIDI hosts, you need need either a MIDI interface to connect them or the original Apple Camera Connection Adapter, which basically provides a standard USB port to the iPad

I use an iRig I/O for the iPad, which is an Audio/MIDI interface. This works well.

If you go the other route, you need the Apple Camera Connection Adapter (cheap copies don’t work). Then a USB-MIDI-DIN cable and a MIDI-DIN-TRS adapter. Both cable and adapter cost around 5 USD/EUR.

When I comes to mastering the MIDI connection chaos, I always recommend this video by Loopop.


Thanks for the helpful tips, y’all!