Ipad as midi controller via Lemur

I was wondering if anyone has had any success linking the organelle to Lemur on an Ipad or Android?

I am trying to do it via Ipad camera connection kit > USB male to male> organelle, with no luck as of yet.
I know you could potentially link them up through wifi, but I don’t have a dongle for my organelle yet- but if you know how to do this I would love to hear about it.

I have been able to link many physical midi controllers to the organelle at the same time thanks to Orac and @thetechnobear. I would love to add my Ipad with Lemur to the mix.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

id definitely recommend a wifi stick , best thing i bought for the organelle for so many reasons :slight_smile:

so the issue with camera connection kit for midi is both the iPad and Organelle are usb midi hosts, so you cannot just connect them together directly… there are a few options

the expensive option is iConnectMidi , which gives midi connectivity to the iPad (including host to host)

a cheaper option is this - http://compasflamenco.com/midi-c-3/midi-usbusb-p-4.html, a simple host to host adapter.

(there are various other solutions, but these i think are the easiest… and importantly do not required any kind of drivers)

personally, what id do, is get a wifi stick… then you can get lemur to send osc, and Ive also got a lemur template ‘in the works’ for orac 1.1 :slight_smile:

im not sure, you’ll get midi over wifi working easily though (i.e. without some technical digging/experimenting), as this requires rtpMidi, which is only really standard on macOS. (unfortunately!).

possibly @keymanpal can give you more advice, he uses his iPads alot, and also has a USB host to host (and i think iConnectMidi) , and i think Lemur too (though thats not really important here, any midi software will show if its working)
so might be able to tell you what works or not, and how well it works.

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