MIDI Connectivity: Organelle, iconnectaudio4+, and iPad

OK i have read all the midi related threads over and over and watched the video of advanced midi setup and tried… I have no idea why I can’t get this to work:

basically i want an ipad and an organelle to converse in midi. I’m using the iconnectaudio4+, which is an interface that supports usb midi from the ipad, laptop, desktop, etc over one of two usb connections which also carries audio, and also from a separate usb midi host port and 5 pin DIN midi i/o. …i could send a pic.

i can’t figure out a way to run a usb cable from the organelle and into the host port (would be the kind of usb to usb used for hard drives… it doesn’t work) on the iconnect. SO i’m using one of those 5pin midi to usb adapters.

and here is maybe the most annoying detail: I can get midi out of the organelle into the ipad… but not into the organelle from the ipad (or from a midi keyboard connected to the host port on the iconnect).

I’m on 3.1. i tried alot of different scripts, .txts from other threads…

can anyone please help?

It’s the idiosyncrasies of wonderful iConnectMIDI iConfig… You have to slowly, port by port make your way :wink:
Try to understand “they” way of connecting things.

the usb-usb thing

but i have!

could you give any more insight than this?

I’m only connecting to iconnect via usb midi adapter

What iOS app have to tried with?
Sending MIDI from iPad > OG

ios aside i would like to have it work from midi controller to begin with, and that is not working.

@kee, Please tell us more (“It’s not working” doesn’t really help anyone help you).

What is the make/model of your USB MIDI device? Is it class compliant?
Does your USB MIDI device show up in the Organelle’s under MIDI settings on the Info page? If yes, which channel is your Organelle set to?
Which patch are using?

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stated above but again
model: iconnect audio4+,
is it class compliant: yes
yes midi device shows up on info page, when connected to din midi output via usb midi adapter shows up as usb midi adapter, tried multiple channels
patch: tried several, as long as midi output is enabled i am able to get midi notes sent out but none are received

also i said a lot more than it’s not working to begin with… did you read my post? i mention what i want to do, what i have read in trying to figure out how to do it (should i include links, most threads are obsolete after the midi updates in os3), what device i am using, what organelle OS, what i have tried already. i ask several alternative questions… i did not say “it’s not working.”
maybe you are responding to someone else.

I don’t have a iCA4+ , but…

plug the organelle into iCA4+ device port 1, so the square one.
then on OS 3.1 , settings ->midi setup -> device … select the device, you should see the device listed, twist the encoder if there are multiple.

whilst there also check that midi channel in is set to what you expect, and also midi in is active.
once done, select hit save.

then run a patch… (chose a simple on like basic poly to test with)

your iPad should be in the other device port (2)

then you need to check in iCA4+ that midi is being routed from the device port 2 to device port 1.

to help further what we would need to know is which of the above steps is not working.
e.g. do you see the iCA4+ in setting midi setup?

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Hi there,

Apologies for necroing the thread. I’m considering buying an Organelle and connecting it to my other midi devices through an iConnectivity ICA4+ (which I already own). All my other midi gear is hooked up to the ICA4+, so it would be ideal if I could plug it into one of the two USB-B Device ports, which are only advertised to work with Mac/PC/iOS devices - two at the same time, one of its key features.

Question: Will the ICA4+ recognise the Organelle if it’s plugged into one of the two “device” ports? Can midi be sent both ways?

There’s a separate USB-A port on the ICA4+ which is meant for class compliant USB midi devices such as keyboards, controllers etc. Could it conceivably work by getting a (strangely unsettling) USB-A to USB-A (whatever’s on the Organelle) cable and just plugging it in there instead? That port definitely accepts class compliant midi, but “host to host” seems a bit odd, don’t know if it would work.

I know the iConnectivity routing can be a bit complex, but I’m used to it now. If I had an Organelle, I could figure it out by trial and error pretty quickly, but unfortunately I don’t.

If anyone could over any help, that would be very appreciated.

You would need a special host to host gadget, check out this thread:

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Thanks for that. In that thread, @thetechnobear mentions a product called iConnect Midi that would solve the host-host issue. That’s another iConnectivity product, same company, which means I might already have a solution. Any ideas which specific iConnect Midi devices work? I have both the iConnect Audio 4+ and iConnect Midi 2+.

PS Mr Techno Bear, I somehow neglected to see your last post in this thread before I replied. It seems you think it might work - I’m just curious to know for sure because it is a key factor in deciding whether to buy an Organelle. :slight_smile:

as I said, I don’t have the iConnect devices, but others have, and they seem to work fine
@keymanpal has one, but I can’t remember which :slight_smile:

honestly, though… Ive heard great things about all the iConnect stuff, I think any of them will work fine.

Im pretty sure all the iConnect stuff works as USB class compliant midi devices, as their primary use is to connect to computers/iOS which are usb hosts.

the only thing to be careful is if you want to use it to connect the Organelle to your computer, then make sure it has multi host (like the iCA4+ does) , then you wont need a usb host-host adapter - as it can already do it

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Thanks Mark, appreciate the response. Good to know. :slight_smile:

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Oh you can “interface” the Organelle with many devices, audio and MIDI as long as they are USB class compliant as @thetechnobear mention.

I have the iConnect Midi 2+ and iConnectMIDI1 they work nicely along side the Organelle.


Great to know - thanks :slight_smile:

hey keymanpal, if i am understanding correctly in context you are able to connect host-host between an iconnectivity device and the organelle? i think the midi2+ has a similar-to–audio4+ multi-device hub (usb a connector).

so far i have only been able to get midi i/o between ios/daw/organelle by using one of the 2 usb b connectors on the ica4+ i tried all kinds of routing experiments going multi host-host (usb a to usb a) but it doesn’t seem to work. even tried connecting different powered usb hubs in between… still no luck.

i know this post reads as somewhat tedious and the nature of the subject maybe borders on tautology but as someone who finds signal processing thrilling, i must know how or if this* is possible without a usb host to host gadget. @thetechnobear thank you for all your input, you share so much with us and even weigh in on topics like this, despite that you don’t own or use same gear. *this: usb multi host to usb host… ica4+ or equivalent to/from organelle.

ps @handed thank you for necro’ing this thread. i don’t spend much time on the forum and by the time i had developed a meaningful reply i didn’t have the gumption to raise the question again, it being seemingly so niche an issue

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USB always has a host and a device in a connection. This is required for the underlying protocol , for a few reasons including the fact the host can provide power to a device but not vice versa. ( see usb protocol specs for more)

This is why we had usb A and usb B plugs, usb A plugs into a host, B into a device - so the user didn’t have to think about it.
( new usb connectors haven’t changed this.)

When we have host to host connectors, nothing changes - all these do is present themselves as a usb device to both sides.

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So you are referring to Iconnect - Audio passThru feature? I never had the need but for this you have go into Pd (maybe mother patch) and route audio to Iconnect.