Organelle 1 freezes at 99 percent after burning OS4 on a new 16gb flash

UPD: micro sd replacement solved my problems

I’ve got Catalina operating system
I did everything according to the instructions. But there is one moment:
after download is complete, I see the archive already unpacked in the download folder


repeated the procedure twice - the result in the photo

This could be causing the problem. There may be a setting in your browser that automatically unzips after download. Please check and if that is the case, disable that. After download is complete, please use Unarchiver to unzip. More information here:

FWIW I had same problem using my Mac. Did the process on a PC and the upgrade worked fine.

Thanks, but unarchiver unpacking didn’t change anything

Thank you, I will try tomorrow with friends on PC

What would be interesting to know is if it’s a problem with the flashing software or something else. What I noticed is an error that my mac couldn’t read the card before and after the flashing. So maybe something in Catalina doesn’t like the file system of the card…

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I am having this problem too. I have re-burned the image many times now, Re-downloaded it a couple of times too. Tried re-downloading etcher and am now using a different archive software to unpack the zip. Am rather at my wits end. Process stops at 99% every time. Using a Mac (Catalina) and 32GB card that was running the latest version of OS3 this morning. Any ideas anyone?

Is there a special way to format the card before starting the process? I cannot think of anything else I can do differently

For what it’s worth, I thought I had the Unarchiver set up as my default unzipping software. Turns out nonote. When made certain that I unpacked with that, all was fine.

Replacing sd card solved my problem.
Sd card was broken

Hi @bengersfood
Thanks for the update! Using the default unzipper in Mac’s Catalina OS is not recommended.

For future users - please use the Unarchiver to unzip the image before burning with Etcher! Links to both programs here.