Organelle 1 running OS 4.0 Can't Access Patches

Hello! I’m experiencing an issue where the majority of my patches on a USB are not accessible when plugged into the Organelle.

I have an Organelle 1, running OS 4.0 from a 64gb MicroSD. My patches are loaded on a 64gb USB drive.

On the Organelle’s home screen I can see folders where patches are automatically categorized into, called “Effects/Hybrids/Samplers/Synthesizers/Utilities/Wepa!”. The folders have some of the patches in them, but are missing a majority of the one’s I’ve downloaded over the years.

Any help for getting patches to be accessible on my device would be greatly appreciated!

I have actually made the solve on my own, but I want to post my solution here for anyone who might come across this issue in the future!

The Organelle requires FAT32 file system, and if you have a usb over 32gb on windows you have to reformat the drive from exFAT/NTFS with third party software to achieve the desired FAT32 format.

My usb was originally formatted to exFAT, so the only patches that were showing up were the ones built into the OS on the microSD. Now that I’ve reformatted the usb to FAT32 the issue has gone away. Cheers!

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