Guitar Into Organelle audio issue?

After downloading some really incredible fx patches i decided to plug my stratocaster directly into the Organelle M, and plug some headphones in to mess with some sounds late at night in my apartment.
I had an issue immediately; the sound was so quiet it was almost non existent. Is there a way to augment audio into the organelle that i dont know about? Anyone else have this issue? I eventually turned my guitar all the way up, but i had the volume on the organelle maxed and still was only moderately hearing the soundscapes. This must have been addressed somewhere. Please help.

Sincerely the lightharp addict.


For the majority of patches you really need a pre-amp when using a guitar because there is nothing to amplify the passive (?) signal to line level. You can pick them up pretty cheap. I use a budget Behringer one.

Thanks andy. I really appreciate your response. i’ll keep you updated on my preamp situation. Would routing into an audio interface with phantom power work? hmmm. Just thinking.

Do you need a similar pre amp in the chain from an organelle to a guitar pedal. I had mine plugged into a chain and it almost seemed to faintly interact with the guitar pedals in my chain. Maybe im doing something wrong.

no, I have often used the organelle straight into a guitar pedal and then into my amp or audio interface. Some patches are a little noisey is the only issue.

It sounds a strange problem because most guitar pedals are pretty punchy.

When using my strat, which has single coils, I’ve found that using a Clean Boost pedal brings the signal level up enough to be usable.

Some patches like Orac let you adjust input gain, but i’ve had better results boosting the signal before it reaches the Organelle.

Thank you oats! I have a strat as well. I’ll test this situation soon and get back to you. Thank you for responding! :slight_smile: :star_struck: