Organelle as Midi keyboard >> change note range?

i’m using the organelle as an ext keyboard for other devices. works great, but the lowest note on the keyboard is registering as a C4 on my Octatrack (manual says C3, whatever). its way too high for basslines. is there a midi controller patch out there? or a way to change the range of the keyboard? i’ve looked thru patch storage and searched the forums to no avail. what i would love is just a simple midi controller patch that i could change the range up and down by octaves, using either the knobs or aux button. any luck?

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Hey there, try this:


wow, thanks! did you just write this up? i really appreciate it! I’ve been meaning to learn Pd but i just don’t have the time to dedicate at the moment. you may have just saved me a lot of money and desk space buying a dedicated keyboard!

the controller works great, with a couple caveats:

-transpose knobs still send midi CC, so when i transpose, i am also, for example, raising the noise osc on my SH-01a. is there any way to disconnect the transpose knobs from sending CC?

-any way to extend the octave range even further? perhaps + or - 3? or 4 even?

i really appreciate your time and in no way do i expect you to tailor a patch just for me! i’m blown away that it seems you did to begin with!

EDIT: removed comment about notes hanging as you clearly addressed this in the patch description. sorry i missed that somehow.

oh also. the organelle sequencer doesnt seem to work. i’m not using it for this application, but if you are looking to further this patch, i thought you might want to know. i’m sure it would be a cool option to have in the future.

Yes, but don’t worry about it, didn’t take long to knock it together and I’m relatively new to Pd myself and always keen to learn how best to do things when building a patch! Also, it’s nice to help! :smiley:

I have updated the file on Patch Storage (v1.1) so it now covers + / - 4 octaves and knobs no longer send cc values.

I have tested the sequencer on my Circuit and it works as expected so not sure if you are using it right? Hold the aux button to arm the recording, play a few notes and hit the aux button again and it should then play the notes back in a loop. Pressing aux button again then toggles play / stop.

– Note –
For future reference the mother.pd file in the root of the SD card maps the hardware to Pd. You can copy this file into the folder of a patch, make tweaks and this file then overrides the default settings. When dealing with your patch I simply tweaked the [noteout] and [ctlout] parts of this file. The only other thing I did was add the same transposition into the [sequencer2] file.


I wrote this one a while ago:

maybe it helps :slight_smile:


I have tweaked the main.pd file to cover + / - 4 octaves for @SEMICHRIST and also corrected the MIDI channels from 17 to 16, hope you don’t mind:

main.pd (6.2 KB)

Just replace the main.pd file with this one in the patch folder.

Great patch! I particularly love the way you can re-tempo the recorded sequence, will be nicking that! :wink: And also didn’t realise you could use more than one variable in a message box using [pack], I was wondering how to do that for my ambient guitar patch… so thanks! :smiley:

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great - i love to see my patch evolve! :raised_hands:

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wow, thanks a million! you guys are awesome. i will learn Pd when i have the time, and will definitely pay it forward. it seems like such an awesome and nearly limitless realm of exploration, and will certainly unlock the organelle even further for me. thanks for the inspiration!

Just tried @ringhof’s PureMIDISequencer and replaced the main.pd with yours but it seems to be acting a little weird. I might be using it wrong though. Changing the octave just overlays an octave tone over the original. What I mean by that is say I’m using the Organelle as a MIDI keyboard with Ableton and I open up a Piano instrument. The piano will play on C3 but changing the octave just overlays that octave on top of C3. This adds some interesting tonal character though.

If you change octave while holding a note it never receives the corresponding note off!

Yep thats true. you might could bang the note off before the octave change with a trigger [t f b] - in theory :slight_smile: