Organelle 'emulator' for the computer

Somewhere someone had an organelle emulator PD patch that can be used to create patches without the organelle. Basically turns your computer keyboard into a midi keyboard to create patches without it.

Anyone have a clue?
also look at stepmother on patchstorage.

note: these are not really emulators, more like patches which help you develop organelle patches on the pc/mac… you will also still need to do things like get the pd externals built for your pc/mac.

Thanks, I understand that it is not an “emulator”, though it does by definition “reproduce the function or action of”, so therefore emulate the organelles control structure…using the word was just an easy way to explain what I need.


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yeah, but I found them pretty limited in that sense…
e.g. they wont really work with multi-page patches due to the way the encoder is used.
and as i said, your going to have to install a bunch of other things to get anything to work :wink:

but they are definitely useful for developing patches, if you spend the effort to set it all up.

Strange, I didn’t have a single problem with the last version, but that’s when it had the mother.pd in my patches. I’m a bit behind on the Organelle versions so I have to get caught up.

But if I recall, I didn’t have to install anything, it just worked by replacing some of the mother.pd patches. Now I wish my computer didn’t crash because I lost all the data…errr

Thanks for the update.