Organelle Freezing/Can't Access from Computer/Wifi Not Working

Totally lost, maybe a lil stoned, because my Organelle is unable to establish connection with computer, wifi, and responding very slowly to any knob clicks. It occasionally says no patches found. Basically, can’t use it and had big plans for it for a show tomorrow. Can anyone help a foolish novice understand how to reset/unfreeze/return to normal function? Figured I’d try to figure out the Wifi too…but hey, I’ve only used it as an instrument and yet to have explored the computer side of it. Like what to do when it’s responding slowly…Thanks!

Did you try cycling the power?

What changed before it started behaving this way? Did you add any new patches to the SD card? Do you have other gear connected to the Organelle’s USB ports?

Chapters 4&5 of the manual should help:

Thanks for the reply! I did in fact save two new patches to SD. Perhaps, I’ve overloaded the SD? Better idea to save to USB drive? But I’m also having trouble accessing the organelle on my computer through VNC/Wifi…I’ve got the web server, ap, and vnc on. I am able to see the organelle in wifi on comp. But then unable to actually view organelle in VNC viewer (organellem.local:5901).

So, I guess I’ve got two questions here: How to deal with overloading my SD and better ways to manage that; and how to connect to VNC (perhaps as a way to manage storage issues?)

Thanks so much again!

The storage partition of the stock SD card is nearly 4GB so a couple of patches won’t over load it (unless they include large files). Most patches are only 1-3 MB in size.

VNC is probably not the best way to manage patch storage. The Organelle’s browser-based Patch Manager is designed to manage the files on the SD card’s storage partition and USB drive.

Did you join your computer to the Organelle’s AP network?

Thanks again for the answers! Good to know regarding SD. It was only a few versions of Phase Vocoder that I saved, so not too big I imagine…

Re wifi: I found another post where you helped and was able to access the organelle on my phone, but not on my computer!

From there, I tried to delete my newly saved Phase Vocoder patch…but it won’t delete.

In general, all of these steps are complicated by the fact that if I try to navigate from Storage to Setting to Extra or from Synths to Effects, the organelle responds very slowly (a minute or two) after I’ve clicked. Which is a frustrating element of my debilitated organelle.

Update! With organelle connected to wifi, I’m now able to access from my computer as well :slight_smile:

A few other details that could be useful:
-takes much longer than normal to boot up when switched on (with green LED)
-takes much longer than normal to turn off when switched off
-freezes for a few minutes after any command (Eject USB, Start VNC, Move out of Effects to Patch Menu)
-Will load and function within each patch if I wait long enough
-randomly says ‘no patches found’ or only shows those that I’ve saved
-seems like one of the new patches that I saved is corrupted in some way because I cannot delete it or open it

UPDATE: Resolved! After deleting buggy patch, everything has returned to normal. Thanks for all the advice chrisk