My entire PATCHES FOLDER is gone!

Hi everyone,
I was updating and managing some patches and sample kits on the “organellehome” webserver and suddenly I no longer had access to the “Patches” folder.
It’s noticeable that my organelle has crashed two or three times after unzipping “instant input orac” patch (which i finally deleted). After that It worked as long as i played with a few new patches i uploaded.
The very last thing I’ve done is to upload a new bunch of kits in hrando orac patch, move the older kits into a folder named “aaaaa”. Then I copied the hrando patch and paste it in media/orhack/usermodules/instruments/drums.

Now it says there’s an error when i want to access the main Patch folder on organallehome webserver. On the organelle it says there’s no patch but i can access to my favorites, and it works.
When I want to access to my patches on the VNC it can’t found any either but I can see there’s no extra space on the sd card and I can’t upload anything anymore…

Is it meaning anyhting to anyone ?

Hey @Lijcke, I uploaded instant input ORAC. Hope I can help if the issue is related to that!

What kind of Organelle are you using? And in system > info what Version do you see?

The patch was tested on Organelle M, OS version 4.2

Also I see you are using orhack… unfortunately interoperability with orhack was not tested so that may be part of the problem. I am not sure how Orhack works unfortunately.

it’s an Organelle M running v4.1, do you recommend me to upgrade ?

The issue occurred after I deleted the instant orac folder, so even if it may be related to it I don’t think the solution lies in the compatibility with orhack either since I played some presets before I have copied a sample folder into hrando orhack patch.

on the other hand I wouldn’t be there without having made a mistake…

Ah- not sure the upgrade would help (or what risks are associated) but the externals the patch uses were compiled and tested against 4.2

I’m wondering if perhaps those kits you added were bigger than expected? Not sure how Organelle will behave when the sdcard is almost full. If I were you I might try popping the sdcard in a Mac or other linux machine and clearing out your aaaaa folder and see if the issues resolve.

I already have deleted both the samples folders and hrando in orhack.

I only have a mac, how can I access the data without vnc ? I mean, is there a way to see if something’s hidden on the main Patches folder or if everything’s effectively gone ?

Two ways I can think of-

Less risky:
First, try connecting a monitor via HDMI and usb keyboard and mouse. when prompted run startx and then it should feel similar to VNC at lower resolution and you should be able to poke around.

More risky:
If that doesn’t work then I would try removing the sdcard and mounting it on your Mac (with an appropriate dongle. Sdcard is removable you just need to push on it with something of the right size and shape. Ideal for this is another sdcard.

@oweno explains how to do this in this thread Some simple questions

Beware if you go the sdcard removal route you are more likely to need to start from a fresh sdcard install. Tread carefully, I have not personally tried this.

I don’t understand what is risky. In the first case I only consult the contents of the folder and in the second case I reinstall the firmware which means that I lose all the contents, but it is a consequence, not a risk…
And that is precisely what I am trying to avoid.
Maybe I misunderstood, can you explain to me what you meant ?

Sorry I wasn’t clear!

You’re right there is no risk at all to connecting an external display etc so long as that works.

As for the sdcard, you are correct more of a consequence than a risk perhaps :slight_smile: as long as you are comfortable with the reinstallation process etc. I was also holding on to hope that there was a chance you could clear out whatever is clogging your Patches directory from the Mac and then put the card back in the organelle without reinstalling. So the risk is that this does not work and then you have to deal with the consequence.