Organelle M - electric guitar and amp - impedance

I’m considering buying an Organelle to use with my electric guitar. I have a pedalboard and id like to put the Organelle at the end of the the chain before the amp.

However, I’m concerned about input and out impedance. I’ve tried similar things with an elektron Octatrack which inputs and outputs line level, and it completely destroys your guitar signal.

However, I see tons of people using the Organelle with guitar. Has anyone experienced issues here? Should I be using DI / Re-amp boxes to convert the signal?


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i use it with my guitar often. while the guitar level is typically lower than the level will be if i switch to a synth patch, it’s still plenty loud.

sometimes i use a compressor pedal with a volume control before my guitar to even them out.

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@dtirer I know you’ve seen the following videos but in case there are others who may have similar questions, here are some videos we made of electric guitar connected straight into Organelle:

(This last one shows Organelle output straight into bass amp)