Organelle HDMI resolution

hey folks
i am sepnding way too much time moving patches around for some of these upcoming bigger ones i was wonderfing if you have your organelle display @ 1920x1080?

mine will do 1920/ but it’s defaulting to 1280/720 is there a way to increase the resolution?

I know it’s weird but i just recently got totally annoyed with ones where i need to be on the organelle testing overhead

Pretty sure mine is 1280/720

you should check settings on monitor. Organelle can do both 720 and 1080, depending on what monitor you connect it to.

i did that and the monitor says it can do 1080 but it keeps sticking on 1280
could defintely be the monitor it’s a DELL touch

Just checked mine, it is 1920x1080.

Sorry for the misinformation!

the monitor should be ok but it’s a schmancy dell touch which i do not even use for touch
does arch have a way to try to config it?
xrandr is not installed :frowning:

i do not want to render her blind though

Sorry for necrobumping this, but I think it would be a really great feature to be able to change the hdmi resolution on the Organelle meny.

With my main screen it defaults to 1080 60p wich works great for that. But it does not work with my Blackmagic card that only support upto 1080 30p. So a menu with options to go between something like auto, 1080 60, 1080 50, 1080 30, 1080 25, 720 60, 720 50, 720 30 and 720 25 would be SO awesome.

I know you could do this in terminal, but if your screen does not work it would be nice to do it on the organelle itself.

Maybe even a text file to add custom resultions like how you put in wifi and password could work as well. If you want to try using a mini screen or something.

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How exactly does one do this in terminal?

When I first started using the Organelle, it was 1080.

More recently after installing several things (including OTC), it seems to default to 720.

It’s not critical, but my handful of guesses haven’t worked and it seems really easy.

a quick search yields:

Thank you, missed that with my lazy quick search.

I also did confirm from @thetechnobear OTC post that it was OTC that changed the resolution to 720p, so I’ll probably get pretty adept at switching it back and forth since I use both modes.

Have you tried 1080 at 30fps? I really want to get my Organelle to work with my blackmagic mini recorder.