Blank screen, green light

my Organelle M doesn’t load.
It turns on, flashes a bit, than green light.
When I connect HDMI - it boots up and I get a prompt at the end.
Help anyone? :frowning:

I’ve never seen that before. Unfortunately you may have to reflash the operating system on your microSD :frowning: Maybe wait and see if someone else chimes in with a solution but it seems like some part of the operating system may be corrupted

Hi @hagaizenberg!

I had the same problem a few weeks ago and in my case it was a defective SD card. What you could try first is to eject the SD card, then reinsert it.
If the Organelle boots again, now would be a good time to backup your patches - in case you write your own or just want to keep the current state.

For me, unfortunately, the problem kept recurring and only flashing Organelle OS to a new SD card completely fixed it for me.

Check here for reference: Critter & Guitari Manual

Wow! Yesterday I flashed version 4 and it didnt work
Now I flashed 4.2 (same card) and it worked!!
If it happens to you - trying multiple things, i was on this for 2 hours yesterday with no success, and today - it worked.