Delayed Knob Responses

My Organelle-m seem to have a delayed operation with the knobs. In other words I’ll start a patch, and hit the keys but have to wait like 30 seconds for the knobs to function. It’s aggravating when switching quickly between patches and have to wait. Anyone else experiencing this?

You might be experiencing the fact that the knobs have to ‘catch’. So you have to turn the knobs to the value they are on the screen and then you should be able to freely use them

I don’t understand. If I use other patches I can immediately use the dials where some take a while to respond. The numbers come up automatically.

I havent experienced that. Can you give me some more information on which patches are causing you issues?

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Hi @Vegabonzo, As @T8R mentioned, if you are using multipage patches from C&G, the knobs have a ‘catch’ or ‘takeover’ requirement. This means that you have to move the knob to match the value set the last time you were on that page. This prevents values from jumping to undesired settings when you choose a new page. Once you match that previous value, the knob will respond normally.


Thank you for clarifying. I love my Organelle but it’s been a huge learning curve. I’ve only had it for two weeks and I’ve only scratched the surface. I was told to download Orac 2.0 but I already have my hands full. Is it worth it? Does it download like a patch?

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I can say Orac is by far my most used patch but there is definitley a learning curve unless you’re already technologically inclined. Theres a lot you can do with it by itself but the real power comes from user modules. I’m editing together an orac tutorial so stay tuned for that.


Cool! Can’t wait!