Organelle M and using it as an effect box

Hello everyone,

I’m sorta new to the sound/synth world. I recently bought an Organelle M and very happy with it.

Currently trying to figure out how to use the Organelle as an effects unit. I have a Yahama Reface CP which I have tried to its mono line out into the Organelles input, but when I listen through the Organelles speakers they do not seem to be connected.

Again, I’m kind of a noob to this, so really hope someone can enlighten me on what I’m doing wrong. Do I need a mixer? Is it not possible to use the Organelles speakers to hear an altered signal coming from the outside?

I assume you have switch on back set to speaker?

After that really depends on the patch… most synths mute input , so normally you use an fix patch they will have a mix to select dry vs wet

You can do this with Orac, you can mix Andy and match dry with various fx, synths :slight_smile:

( first select init patch, if other preset loaded)
Then simple go to the router page, select chain 1, and turn up the input gain of left / right channel.

if you are doing mono , just turn up left gain, then you can put the left pan to 0 (= centre)

From there you could add fx, or synths or whatever you fancy from oracs modules.

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Mix me with what now?


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arghhh, I really shouldn’t type on an iPhone… I rely way too much on auto-correct :wink:

YEAH! TECHNOLOGY should be our SLAVE, but these days it gets all up in your face and starts thinking it knows best. GET BACK IN YR BOX AND SHUT UP! I’M THE BOSS!

Turn out the switch was 1 millimeter of from being set to speakers. Figured that out after getting blasted with feedback from the mic :stuck_out_tongue:

Orac is definitely something I’m gonna look into! Can you recommend me any resources to get started with Orac? :slight_smile:

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my youtube channel has a few videos on Orac :wink: