Organelle M battery charging

I put a set of rechargeable AA batteries (NiMH, 1.2v) into my organelle M and have noticed that the batteries are recharging in the unit when it’s turned on and powered using the wall wart power supply.
I can’t find anything about that in the specs or anywhere else - is it an inherent aspect of the power supply and internal workings?

Either way, it’s a welcome feature(?) - my organelle is usually used with plugged-in power in both my home and away studios, but it’s nice that the batteries are topped off any time I want to grab it for adventure mode.

The Organelle doesn’t charge the batteries when a power adapter is connected, the batteries are disconnected from the circuit. When the batteries are disconnected they will regain some of their voltage, so maybe this is what you are seeing? If you think they are truly being charged you should send the unit in for inspection.

hmm. A few weeks ago after I used it for several hours on battery power, the battery life indicator on the organelle was down to 1 bar. I kept thinking to myself that I needed to charge them up, but never did. I’ve been using it a lot this past week while plugged in, and it shows full bars/battery life now - and a tester shows a good charge on the batteries.

I’ll do some more investigating and make sure I’m not hallucinating.

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