Battery Power „Issue“?

Regarding the battery powered usage:

I love to hang on the couch with the organelle so I usually put some rechargeable batterys inside. I think proper ones. Panasonic Eneloop, 1,2 V. 1900mAh. More or less new ones. They are fully charged, 1,43/1,44 V.

When I turn it on with fully charged battery all is good. I usually play 30-60 min, the next day also 30-60 or sometimes just one day for approx. 50-90 min. The organelle battery indicator still has all bars.

But the next time I try to turn it on (usually after 1 or 2 days) it doesn’t turn on again. When I check the batterys they are still at 1,33/1,34 V, so still much power in it.

Is there an issue with my organelle? Do I need different Batterys with 1,5 V for example or is it nessecary to get some with more mAh?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, It doesn’t sound like there’s an issue with your Organelle. If you use different batteries do you get the same result?