Using the Organelle M as a mini guitar amp?

Is it possible to use the Organelle M as a quiet guitar amp, using the effects of the Organelle M?


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Yes - you can use the Organelle M this way!

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Here’s a video of the Organelle M as guitar amp with onboard effects:


Love it! So fun to plug a guitar into this with no need for an “amp” per se!

Is this something that both the original organelle and the M can do equally well? Or does the M have more preamplification? @chrisk

The original and the M versions of Organelle can run effects patches to process incoming audio. Only the M has the built-in speaker.

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Thanks for the answer. But i think im still confused by the term audio, does the input ports on the organelle M/original accept mic, instrument or line levels?

I thought that maybe the original organelle input required line level. And i was wondering if the new microphone on the M meant that there is now a pre-amp built in?

The inputs on the Organelle are line level.

The input jacks might work with some external mics depending on output level of the mic. Otherwise you might need a mic preamp.

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Thank you for the information!

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