Speaker issues on Organelle M

Hey there, just bought and Organelle M this year and love it. Had to take a break from creating and left it sitting for a couple months.

When I just tried using it I noticed the built in speaker doesn’t work and I’m not sure why. I’m wondering if accumulation of dust can effect it? I just don’t see why though. Any tips?

Thanks, JWJ

Is the speaker switch set to ‘On’ ?

Yes it is

Hi there, If got the Same Problem with the speeker from the organell M.
The speeker is on. The volume potie Is on Max and i Could hear only a Very quiet tone From the Keyboard. Is the speeker wire inside defective?

Same issue… Sometimes the speaker works (rarely), most of the times i can hear only a subtle noise…

New piece in the puzzle…
When I move the headphone jack the speaker works. I think it’s a wiring problem inside the machine…