Speaker issues on Organelle M

Hey there, just bought and Organelle M this year and love it. Had to take a break from creating and left it sitting for a couple months.

When I just tried using it I noticed the built in speaker doesn’t work and I’m not sure why. I’m wondering if accumulation of dust can effect it? I just don’t see why though. Any tips?

Thanks, JWJ

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Is the speaker switch set to ‘On’ ?

Yes it is

Hi there, If got the Same Problem with the speeker from the organell M.
The speeker is on. The volume potie Is on Max and i Could hear only a Very quiet tone From the Keyboard. Is the speeker wire inside defective?

Same issue… Sometimes the speaker works (rarely), most of the times i can hear only a subtle noise…

New piece in the puzzle…
When I move the headphone jack the speaker works. I think it’s a wiring problem inside the machine…

Having a similar issue on mine. Hadn’t touched it in a couple months but left it in the box the entire time I wasn’t using it so it didn’t accumulate dust. Just powered it back on today and haven’t been able to get the internal speakers to make any sound. Works only with headphones for me now. Was anyone ever able to resolve this? I’m a bit nervous about opening it up to look at the wiring myself

Hey chrisk, do you have any other suggestions? I’m having similar issues and the speaker switch is already set to “On”