Organelle M no mother.pd?

I can’t find the mother.pd on my organellem sdcard- where should I look? When I open a patch (from VNC) mother.pd does not open either… is this some sort of obsolete thing that is still in the documentation?

Thank you - Riccardo

I know nothing about VNC but i know the Organelle M default mother.pd is in /home/music/fw_dir :v:

mother.pd will always open (using VNC or not), an Organelle patch will not function without it… how are you opening the patch? To get mother.pd to open correctly you must select the patch on the Organelle itself (double clicking a Pd file from the desktop will open that file in Pd but won’t open mother.pd)

Also, avoid editing mother.pd directly. If you really need to change something the correct way is to override it by placing a modified copy in your patch folder.

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I connected through VNC and double clicked on .pd in the patches from the VNC viewer, which opened the PD running in the Organelle, but did not load mother.pd

Try selecting the patch on the Organelle itself, then Pd should start and load mother.pd


I have a question regarding the above;
I would like to make some changes to the mother patch, but can’t find the original file to copy it and place it in my patch folder, any leads on where it’s hidden :slight_smile: ? I’m using the Organelle 1


@Anton-FL - more info here:

Aha great, I didn’t find that thread yet, thanks for sharing!

Do you know by any chance if that mother patch is still up to date? Since the post dates back to '16

@Anton-FL - the mother.pd file located at /root/mother.pd on your Organelle’s SD card is current to your OS. That would be the one to copy.

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