Need to edit root/mother


I am trying to edit the mother patch. Just need to add the argument 1 to the note in. Foundd other threads discussing this but having a hard time swapping the original file. Any help appreciated. Even tried going through the root with Audi commands but not well versed in Linux.

While you can edit the mother.pd file directly (located at /root/mother.pd), the recommend approach is to override this file by placing your own version in the Patches folder on the usb drive. So your Patches folder looks like this:

   Some Patch/
   Some Other Patch/

When you load a patch the Organelle will first check here for mother.pd before loading the default at /root/mother.pd. (if you really need to edit the default one, you’ll have to remount root filesystem, since it is read only by default)

here is the mother.pd for reference.mother.pd (17.2 KB)

So I have done this already and have not noticed the change in the mother patch. The real issue I am having is trying to connect old midi keyboards (I havee a Roland ep7) with the organelle. I brought it to work today and tried it with a 01w korg. Same issue. I get communication from the organelle to the keyboards but not the other way. Both run on channel 1 by default. Logically the organelle should be receiving this data since it had no argument in the note in object.

Any thoughts? Am I the only one trying to do this?

bumping this thread, as i am running into a similar issue with modifying the mother patch. i’ve loaded my modified mother into the Patches folder, as instructed above, and am not noticing any changes to my patch. (for testing purposes, i’ve removed the connection between [catch~ outL] and [dac~], but am still hearing sound out of both channels.)

i’m running OS v3.0. any ideas?

it’s no longer in the patches directory…

It’s either in a particular patch directory , or in the System directory ( which you may need to create)

I’d caution overriding the mother patch as new versions of the OS may make it incompatible with your changes.
What are you trying to achieve?

@thetechnobear ah… so in v3.0, i’d need to place the modified mother patch in the patch folder (alongside main.pd, etc.) in order for it to take effect?

in general, i’d like to disable the compressor in the audio path. in this particular case, i’d also like to re-route the default midi control change message behavior.

To bypass the compressor just send to [dac~ 1 2] instead of [throw~ outL] and [throw~ outR].

To bypass the midi control change message behaviour you can send a message of 0 to [s midiInGate] and [s midiOutGate] respectively. You can then set-up the CC mappings as you please on a patch by patch basis.

yeah, sending to [dac~ 1 2] is a perfectly good workaround for the compressor… thanks!

as far as the CC mappings, i’m aware of those gate messages, but was ideally only looking to do disconnect the CC input for the aux button (CC25). i can probably find a workaround for that in this case as well, but it’d be nice to know the proper procedure for having the organelle recognize an edited mother at the patch level should i need that option in the future.

last question while i’m here:
in OS v3.0, will changes to the sample rate in main.pd override the default sample rate settings on the organelle, or does anything need to be modified on the mother to have that take effect?

I have placed the mother.pd in the patch folder (beside main.pd) before and have had success. I am running 3.1b3. Or you use the MIDI gates and then can always copy and paste all the MIDI routings that you want to retain back into your patch.

Either way works fine.

I’ve no idea about sample rate settings, sorry.

just realized that the only issue with using [dac~ 1 2] to bypass the bulit-in compressor in the mother patch is that the output metering oled on the organelle goes away. it would really be ideal to just be able to remove the compressor from the mother patch, without having to explicitly program the oled metering in every patch.

also, i can confirm that placing a revised mother in the Patches folder or directly in the individual patch folder does NOT override the default mother patch in OS v3.0. @thetechnobear is this the expected behavior?

sorry, I’m a bit ‘offline’ at the moment, should be a bit more online in next few days :slight_smile:

@josephbranciforte, the idea is mother.pd in the same directory as main,pd. will allow you to override that patch. if you place in /usbdrive/System/mother.pd it overrides all pathes.
(the reasoning I hope being obvious)
last time i tested, this work fine… (you can do a simple test with a load bang-> print)

@ghostly606, sample rate is a bit more ‘confusing’ its not a function of the patch, rather pure data. this should be done via pdopts.txt, which i added in 3.0

i will say ive not looked at the ‘built in compressor’ much… id a assume it was pretty much a brick wall compressor rather than a makeup , so a fail safe , so perhaps its better to try not to hit it in the patch?
thoughts @oweno?