Organelle M Problem With Midi Please Help

Hi All,

I have a Boss Rc 300 that Is sending master clock.

I have the Midi Out from the RC300 going to this cable which goes to the Midi In of the Organelle M. I just want to send the clock to the Organelle M.

I went into Midi Settings on the Organelle M and enabled Midi In. Changing the channel to match does not help. I’ll go into a synthesizer, for example Additive Synth, and the Midi in the bottom right corner is going haywire and rapidly changing. They aren’t syncing, what’s going on here?

Hi there, if I had to guess, the cable you ordered and linked to here is type B. “Organelle M uses MIDI-TRS Type A cable, so be sure to use the corresponding adapter when connecting to instruments that use standard 5-pin MIDI jacks.”

@HumorRelevant - Which OS do you have on the Organelle M? (you can see it listed on the ‘Info’ page.)

4.0 just bought it a couple days ago!

Do you have a MIDI loop happening? the Organelle’s MIDI out connected to the RC-300’s MIDI input?

Nope, I don’t have anything coming out of the Organelle MIDI out.

@chrisk do you think the cable I got off Amazon isn’t type A?

I looked at the listing but couldn’t find anything to confirm that it was Type A. I think it would be best to try another cable. You could also try USB-MIDI if the RC-300 does that.

Thanks. I just ordered the cables from C&G direct so praying they work (expensive with shipping!!). More to come… appreciate you helping me. If the new cables don’t work, I’d be willing to go as far as making a video illustrating setup and problem because I must get this to work!


So the cable from C&G works which is great. The clock from my rc300 is being sent to the organelle midi-in port successfully.

I am trying to also sync in my OP-1 via the USB port. When I plug in the OP-1, the midi clock goes up and down around 400 BPM and is going crazy.

I went into Midi settings and disabled Midi-In, in case there was a midi-loop. This did not work.

It also seems that trying to sync just the Organelle and OP-1 alone is causing the same issue. I’ve seen every video on YouTube and have searched the forum and not sure I can find a solution. It’s gotta be something obvious, any idea?

Did you select OP-1 has the MIDI device in the Organelle M’s MIDI menu?

@chrisk Indeed. Oddly enough, I can have the OP-1 send master clock to the Organelle just fine through USB. It’s only when the Organelle sends master clock through to the OP-1 when the trouble occurs.