Organelle M to Macbook


I’d like to connect my Organelle M straight into my Macbook for some on the go doodling with Logic. Since they’re both host devices, I understand I need to connect it like this to send and receive MIDI data-

Organelle :arrow_forward: (2) TRS-MIDI Cables :arrow_forward: DIN to USB - C :arrow_forward: Macbook

Relevant cable links-

Is this correct? The most pain free way to do this? Let me know if there’s any easier way or something I’m missing!

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

That is probably the best way. The host to host issue arises when using USB midi but if you use the 1/8 jacks, you will avoid that entirely. If you ever do go about doing USB host to host, I know @okyeron has developed a device called 2HOST which does this

Oh that’s slick! @okyeron I was looking at your site… would love to order a fully assembled unit if you’re still making them. My soldering days are a distant memory :slight_smile:

This works too (Midi USB-USB hosts)