MIDI cable connectivity for beginner (Organelle M)

I’m very sure this has been covered before… I in fact just read through a few threads but I don’t know all the terminology and every situation is different

i have an Organelle M, a Macbook with Ableton, and a Scarlett USB interface

I have successfully hooked up the Organelle to the Scarlett and recorded AUDIO in Ableton

But now I would like to send MIDI from Organelle to use Ableton instrument patches

Just simply using the Organelle as a MIDI controller

So what cable is the simplest/cheapest way to do this?

I have used other MIDI keyboards and plugged straight into computer with USB-C (using a USB to USB-C adapter)

For the Organelle:

Do I use the USB slots on the side? (So I guess that would mean I would need a USB to USB-C cable)

Or do I use the 1/8" “MIDI out” on the back of the Organelle? (Which would mean I need a cable that has 1/8" on one side and USB/USB-C on the other? Does this exist?)

Many thanks

Does your Scarlett USB Interface have a MIDI input port? If so, you can connect to this port in two ways:

  1. Via the Organelle M’s USB port by using a USB-MIDI adapter (like Roland UM-ONE mk2).
  2. Via the Organelle M’s TRS-MIDI Out port by using a TRS-MIDI adapter cable (like this one. Be sure to use TRS-MIDI Type A adapter.)

If your Scarlett does not have a MIDI input port, the easiest thing might be to use a USB-MIDI adapter (like Roland UM-ONE mk2) connected to your Macbook’s USB port and to the Organelle M’s TRS-MIDI port (with the same TRS-MIDI Type A adapter).

RE: USB-A to USB-C connections: both your Macbook and Organelle M are USB ‘hosts’ and you cannot connect two hosts together via USB.

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Thanks! My Scarlett does not have a MIDI port so I will try your second suggestion