Thumb Drive from Organelle S doesn't show up on Mac

Wondering if anyone has a fix for the stock Organelle S thumb drive not showing up on Mac. Want to transfer over a bunch of custom patches to the new Organelle…
Running Mac OS 10.12.6 Sierra


On the off chance - do you mean the Organelle-1 white usb stick? If so, have you tried flipping it the other way up?

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No, I have an old original Organelle and I know what you’re talking about, the white thumb drive works fine.
I just got one of the new black Organelle S models, and the black USB stick that comes with it won’t show up on 2 different Macs. It loads up and functions properly on the Organelle, but won’t recognize on a computer…

The Organelle S does not ship with a USB Drive. The black USB device you’re referencing is a USB-WiFi adapter. It won’t show up on your computer.

The patches are stored on the SD card. To access them, connect the USB-WiFi adapter to your Organelle and follow instructions in Chapters 4.3 and 5 in the manual. Critter & Guitari Manual

If you don’t want to use the SD Card for patch storage, you can use a USB Drive. This is covered in Chapter 4.2 of manual.

Ohhh, ok, got it. That is definitely a new method then. Thanks so much chrisk! :slight_smile:

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I must admit, getting custom patches to the Organelle S is not near as straight forward as the OG Organelles. Was reading the online manual, didn’t see a clear way on how to get the organelle onto my wifi network to move patches over, and am not finding the spot on the Organelle to load patches from the USB stick from my OLD Organelle with all the extra custom patches when that stick is plugged into the new Organelle S… not seeing that in the online manual, but I’m still looking as we speak, maybe I’m looking to hard… or missing something simple…

In the Settings menu on the Organelle S, I don’t see an option to select between using the micro SD patch location VS a newly inserted USB flash drive with a Patches folder at the top level…

Ok I’m finding it, definitely having to read closely the wifi AP setup method… damnnnn

Got networked over wifi, dosen’t let you drop patches into the folders…

Gotta throw the hands up for the day, i’ll try again. not thrilled on the complexity vs. the old Organelle

After inserting the USB drive into the Organelle, select ‘Reload’ from the Organelle’s Storage menu.

To transfer a patch from your computer to the Organelle over WiFi, the patch must be zipped (ex: (The same is true for things like email where you can’t upload an uncompressed folder as an attachment). You can zip up many patches into one file before transferring to the Organelle.

Ok got it, thanks so much Chris!!