Unable to connect computer to Organelle via WIFI

Following the instructions in the manual for my new Organelle M, I’m getting stuck at the WIFI. I have started the AP, and started the Web Server. The Organelle’s screen says “Connected Organelle” and my Mac can see the WIFI network called “Organelle.” However, when I try to connect, the computer always times out, then says 'The WIFI network ‘Organelle’ could not be joined." They’re right next to each other, FYI. Mac is not having any other WIFI issues.

I’ve restarted my computer, restarted WIFI, still not able to get the two talking. to each other. Mac is 10.14.6.

Does it ask for a password? It should be asking for a password, which is ‘coolmusic’ by default.

Yes, I reset everything, input the password, and it still can’t complete the handshake.

hmm, I use a Mac and sometimes it does take a while to connect, especially if it is the first time, but has always managed to finally get connected. Do you have any other device you could try connecting? another computer or tablet or even phone?