Organelle music

OK, first post. Love the Organelle and the forum here. Here’s what I’ve been working on, it’s nearly all organelle sounds - feedback gratefully received:

The first ‘verse’ is a sample using Loop Jam Record, with my guitar and vocal samples. The beat is a sequenced (on the organelle) JDillicious patch with some live playing over the top. The bass line was recorded using a basic poly. Later on, I’m using the Roganelle patch, and again with the JDillicious patch via a korg nanopad. A bit of occasional stuff done using musical typing in Garageband (for my sins).


Really beautiful vocals! Of course the organelle sounds great too. Very cool :sunglasses:

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On this there is some Segmenti, DJ Patch, Children of Sample, Analogue Style, the Computer Rhythm drum machine, Rhodes FX, Infinite Reverb, Noise Heaven … and other stuff I forgot.


Hello organelle community !

I came to share an album I just uploaded that was made almost exclusively using the organelle and simple multi tracking. I love this little machine so much. Its filled with surprises.
I dont really have patch notes. But its a mixed bag of different apps.

Feel free to share/download/sample! if you make anything out if it Id love to hear about it !


Only listened to the 1st two tracks so far but this is magnificent, just my cup of tea. Will download and check the rest out later.

This is really excellent man! Love the vocals on this. :ok_hand:t2:

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All Organelle, made when I first got it and was all jazzed about the stock patches. Still am but there’s so much more now.


Here’s a tune I wrote and recorded using the organelle with everything (guitar goes thru too) except the vocals… Singer/songwriter-ee! It was a super fun project.


Using Polybeats for …um, beats! as well as some effects on the organelle.


Hello everybody : This is one of my work with an organelle and septavox :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,
here are some excerpts of a session with violin and live sampling, using the Organelle and PD on a computer.


Hi everybody - I’m not using the Organelle to directly make the sounds here, but rather as a multi-track looper to perform material I’d already written that mostly featured guitar/vocals/synth. This is a live video session I did with a local arts/music publication where I live and all of the audio (with the exception of the drums) was recorded/looped live on the spot thanks to the Organelle:

My pedalboard didn’t make it in any of the shots but I’m using primarily Meris and Chase Bliss pedals to get all these tones, running direct in to the Organelle via a Neunaber Iconoclast.

They also did an interview with me if you’d like some context:


This track contains at least 3 organelle patches: not_stockhousen, Mellowtron and drone, along with processed electric guitar and field recordings.

Here’s a track of all ciat lonbarde stuff, but being processed through clds in the organelle…


J Dillicious will always be one of my all time favorite patches.


this is a record i made with the organelle in the first 36 hours of purchasing the unit. No other processing devices were used save for an electric guitar, volume pedal,Roland cube amp and an e-bow on one track.
thanks so much for listening


Fascinating stuff you got going there. Which patches did you use?

Yeah I love it too! Well done. The vocoder never sounds good on me somehow.

Disxiple ! Nice finding you here! Great track !

thanks man! The vocoder is great with a little EQ