Organelle music

Just the organelle and the superb orac patch. I’ll be posting a making of video in the next few days going into the details

Thank you for the tips on the forum for the 5v - 9v convertor - it has set me free from my desk!


Saturday morning organelle sessions… both are multitracked into ableton with some FX added


Hey, did this song using Basic Poly, Poly Parrot, Office Space, Rhodes48, and my clarinet. :musical_note:

The tracks were EQed in Ableton.

Any inputs accepted. :slight_smile:


I’ve listened to this like 10 times, sound beautiful. :om:

Loads of fun tonight with the recent Lo Fi Poly Piano patch over on Patchstorage. Here’s a quick assembly based on a recording of a long take with the patch, with a few rhythmic elements resampled from that take as backing layers, and some melodic brass swells toward the end, cuz why not.

Polyrhythmic piano loops!

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I’ve made this this morning with Orac ( @thetechnobear it’s really AWESOME, thank you!)


Just recorded this one:


damn, that was amazing. such a killer bassline to start off with

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Had some fun jamming this afternoon.
Drums are a rhythmic Music Easel patch.
The high end bleeps come from a Moog Model 15 patch.
The bassy sounds comes from @TheTechnobear 's orac for Organelle, using rings and polybeats together.
The choppy resampling is using Segmenti for Organelle to sample the original Model 15 patch and play repeating segments on the keyboard.

Curious to how this is being recorded/performed? Since all of those patches have to be run one -at-a-time? I’m a newbie and just generally curious to what the process looks like from concept to recording for a piece of music like this?


Essentially I just multitracked everything, beginning with the drum track. Made a pattern and manipulated some settings I knew wouldn’t completely ruin it, but would change the sounds somewhat to give a live feel. After that I just used a patch i’d made in moog model 15 (started with a preset and changed it). I set that off playing some arpeggiated notes from a key I knew well. I recorded this alongside the recording of the drums, using that as a guide for when to ‘turn shit up’ etc. After that i did the bassy sounds with orac, same process - jamming to myself. Lastly came segmenti, which was the most artificial aspect of the tune. I just chose a moment where a dramatic change might sound good and did a kind of ‘breakdown’ where i took a recognisable sound from the mix and changed it. This is the wonderful thing about the organelle, so many combined ‘choices’ are held within a patch - within a laptop only setup they would require more forward thinking but on the blue box they can be achieved through trial and error an fun-seeking. A physical interface with minimal screen to gawp at is such a freedom. Organelle = fun music making!


Dude - thank you for responding in such an easy-to-follow way. I’m so new at all of this. Awesome to know you are doing all of these things separately but it does still totally have that live/performance feel.

I’ve been lining the organelle into my ipad to record via garageband and am just so fascinated at the tracking/composition side of things. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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OK, first post. Love the Organelle and the forum here. Here’s what I’ve been working on, it’s nearly all organelle sounds - feedback gratefully received:

The first ‘verse’ is a sample using Loop Jam Record, with my guitar and vocal samples. The beat is a sequenced (on the organelle) JDillicious patch with some live playing over the top. The bass line was recorded using a basic poly. Later on, I’m using the Roganelle patch, and again with the JDillicious patch via a korg nanopad. A bit of occasional stuff done using musical typing in Garageband (for my sins).


Really beautiful vocals! Of course the organelle sounds great too. Very cool :sunglasses:

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On this there is some Segmenti, DJ Patch, Children of Sample, Analogue Style, the Computer Rhythm drum machine, Rhodes FX, Infinite Reverb, Noise Heaven … and other stuff I forgot.


Hello organelle community !

I came to share an album I just uploaded that was made almost exclusively using the organelle and simple multi tracking. I love this little machine so much. Its filled with surprises.
I dont really have patch notes. But its a mixed bag of different apps.

Feel free to share/download/sample! if you make anything out if it Id love to hear about it !


Only listened to the 1st two tracks so far but this is magnificent, just my cup of tea. Will download and check the rest out later.

This is really excellent man! Love the vocals on this. :ok_hand:t2:

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