Organelle music

I used the sample recorder patch to sample some guitar chords, notes, and random harmonies into each key semi-randomly. The outcome lead me to write something that I don’t think I would have come to otherwise. I sequenced it through midi with my DAW to make it clean sounding (organell keys are a little sticky sometimes), but I think the finished product will be quite nice! Here’s a short instagram clip of it:

I also like how sampling the guitar gave it a staccato digital vibe!


This is awesome, great work!

This is some trumpet thru the Granular Freezer.

Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Sounds like Benjamin Britten or Arvo Pärt.

was smashing this the other day and now my soundcloud aint workin, please tell me you left this up

lolz thx man! I just updated the link, so it should be working again

this sounds beautiful

Here’s a little jam I recorded last night using @Wannop’s Spruce patche with the rhodes samples from @chkbeto:


I made this with some samples coming from the Organelle, I’m still learning it, well, really Pure Data.

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And this.

Here’s a little ambient thing I live-recorded in less than 5 minutes.
The Organelle and the Count to 5 pedal were made for each other.

Organelle + Montreal Assembly Count to 5 + Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master (delay/reverb)


Love it! I’m looking for a Count to 5 myself, I figured it would work well with the organelle and now I have confirmation. :slight_smile:

Buy directly from the manufacturer. Somehow people are getting away with selling the pedal for ~$350-400 when the guy only charges $265 himself.

They’re presently sold out but he’s pretty quick to respond to inquiries from his blogspot, I think.

So unless you’re in a rush or don’t mind spending the extra money it may be worth asking him how long it’ll be before another run is up for grabs.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ve joined his mailing to be informed of upcoming releases.

This is such a cool sound! Thanks for sharing.

A track I made with Organelle (Binural Beats, Sample Arp, Guitar2Synth), an SP404, and an electric uke:


Hypnotizing! :eye: really Amazing …

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thanks a bunch dood! everything except the drums went through the organelle. Just listened to yr track too. Really well done and spacey in all the right ways!

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Myself and collaborator make music which I use the organelle quite heavily! Here’s a live video, the organelle features heavily in the last two songs, can be seen at 8:47 and also 13:33

Love the organelle, it’s been a big influence on the sounds we make as a duo


Here’s a photo of me using my organelle for a solo gig the other day