Organelle music


and the full recording is here


An Piano Improvisation with the Midi triggered Micro polybeats patch made me Wanna sing an old american Folk Song , so now its a Kind of steampunkfolk :steam_locomotive: Hope you like it…


That poor goldfish stuck in the tiny bowl!


Its a magnetic Crab:slight_smile:


Just jammed around a bit with the new roganelle and arpeggio pluck patches

thanks @Fuurthur


I just dropped a couple new songs - the first one, ‘afterglow’ is made up of tracks that were all either sourced from or processed by the Organelle.
The backbone of the song is a samples of a lighter clicking, acoustic guitar, and a dying synthesizer played via my SP-404 thru the Granular Freezer, the vocals are all run thru the Phrase Vocoder, and the keys are the Juno-104 patch I believe (I recorded it in Nov so I can’t remember 100%).

I’ve also used the Organelle extensively on these older tracks:
The first two on this split are Organelle-heavy. Mellotron patch mainly on the first and Nice Surprises on the second I believe.
This one is 100% Organelle Mellotron.


This track is largely improvised and features two more recent patches.
MIDI sync and sequencing appear courtesy of the OP-1, which was also responsible for the low-key reverse drone (thru a Montreal Assembly CT5). I recorded two different beat tracks with grids PD Prowave and sent the Organelle thru an EHX MM Hazarai stereo delay.
Also starring was the CoolWave King Synth patch sequenced by the OP-1 and with a couple of notes played by hand.
I find both of these patches super-creative and inspiring, they are now listed among my favourites.


"I find both of these patches super-creative and inspiring, they are now listed among my favourites."
Same here, having all those in-built effects on a synth or drum machine is something I’ve been waiting for. Raises the game to say the least! Now i’m just waiting for granular freezer implemented in the same way as an additional texture to an already cool patch. Great track by the way, where were the metallic percussion sounds from?


Granular freezer implemented in this patch would be totally awesome. Let’s hope it happens one day!
As for the metallic percussion sounds, I used a bunch of ‘real’ drum machine samples from the sample pack that goes by the name The Machine (availabe here and there on the web). I don’t remember which kits these sounds come from though. The EHX MM Hazarai pedal may also add some metallic texture to the sound because it is a very metallic sounding delay pedal. :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is great!


Hey everyone, I’ve just recorded my first song so thought I’d share. :slight_smile: The patches used were chords roll, polybeats DRG32V and the quad delay.


i really enjoyed this!

the chords and vocals are particularly fantastic


Super cool sound! Reminds me of something between Com Truise and Strfkr. Thanks for sharing!


Really smooth! I dug a lot.


my live set for the online festival audioblast #5 organized by apo33
i used a kaoss pad 3+, kaoss quad, computer voice, my own voice and the organelle with my own patch (basically phase vocoder and granulator and some fx):



Thanks! :slight_smile:


Nothing serious, just a 3 AM thing from the day I got my Dr. Scientist BitQuest. Having some trouble figuring it out completely.

Also featuring Count to 5 and Dispatch Master.


this is all organelle! patches used: coolwave king, binaural beats, punchy, rhodey and run through an EHX Cathedral


Simple arpeggio synth with nice reverb.


Another lil track. I mainly used the chords roll, but I have a vocodored vocal part that I took out for now.