Organelle music


damn bro, this was really really good!


little something playing the Arpeggio Synth over a simple beat from the MFB-522, nice sounding


this was made sampling a track through Phase Vocoder and messing with the timing, making some off the wall loops


Hi everyone!

Holy! So much going on here, it’s great!

Just wanted to share an album that I have recently completed. Huge inspiration from the organelle with lots of patches used throughout. Hope you enjoy!


that sounds killer! is it the analog style patch?


Woah, really smart and polished use of that organelle sonic pallette man. Quite inspiring! :art:


Thanks! :slight_smile: No, it’s the Tremonelle patch!


trippy AF, like it , like like it, the Lionel Richie one…


Glad you like it! Thanks mate!


Really loving what everybody is posting! It’s crazy to hear everybody’s unique applications of the organelle. Giving me lots of ideas for my own music.

Here’s a portion of a track I’ve been working on that’s made almost entirely with the organelle’s sample processing patches. All of the sounds are from field recordings I’ve collected with my Zoom H6 and then manipulated in different ways plus some help from my SP-404sx. The semi melodic blips in the beginning are me whistling into a mic into the organelle and then scrolling through the different octaves on the pitch delay with the delay time set to 0ms. Then the pad like sound that comes in half way through is a sample I got of me playing a flute in this abandoned building, frozen on the granular freezer and played in a chord, and then pitched around with my Digitech whammy. Then after that I think I used the DJFX on the 404 to pitch it down further and mangle it up a bit. Ended up sounding nothing like the original sample which is what I aim for!

Anyway take a listen if you’re interested! :slightly_smiling_face:


Posted some tracks earlier this month that has dabbles of Organelle. Mostly the sample arp patch and a bunch of one shots using the beats and pieces patch loaded with my own samples. Thanks for listening! :pray:


This one’s based on the lmnts patch coded by @thetechnobear. I used two samples (both from Bullitt’s main title theme by Lalo Shifrin) coming from the Microgranny, right into lmnts running on the Organelle, which went thru and Empress Reverb. Then in the 2nd run I added some solo-ish thing, also with lmnts. Vinyl crackle and dust appear courtesy of the Hexe Melusine III pedal. Warning: this one’s very-very lo-fi.


I made this track using guitar, voice, a few pedals, organelle and ableton. I’d love some feedback!


Today I finished ‘Codices’ - a new EP of MESSY NOISE! (Be warned, yr eardrums/brain could get damaged). My Organelle came sometime during recording so I’m new to the wonders of the little blue box. Anyway …

‘HELLO’ uses the theremin patch.
‘THE HERON’ uses lmnts for the guitar tone.
‘THE HERMIT’ uses the grains patch.
‘Algebra for Dogs’ uses the reverb patch to process the choir and Varese for drums.

I’m new not just to the Organelle, but also to mixing and mastering stuff. It’s difficult! So if anyone has any tips/advice/criticism that would be cool!


I love those guitar sounds you’re getting!


This one is based on my own version of the amazing Distributor Swing Pow patch that I loaded with samples from a Hungarian folk song I looped many years ago. Some joyful noise was added with Neural synth (also among my favs). The Organelle went thru the Empress Reverb, bass by the Sub37 thru an OTO BAM reverb.


So much awesome music here. Really great to hear music being made with my patches!!!

I just released an album I made while creating the GEL-PRISM patch + my electribe 2 sampler. Love the Organelle.


This is brilliant, very Bon Iver, if you’re into comparisons. :slight_smile:


No worries man! I really appreciate that. He’s one of my favorites


made w/ brds