Organelle music


This is a beats/percussion only track based on the amazing patch ‘bashfest’ originally created by @shreeswifty, later retouched by @Blavatsky, I used the latter version here. Also starring were the OP-1 and the Nord Drum 2/Nordpad combo. The Nord was sequenced by Patterning and also played by sticks (which were in my hands :slight_smile: ). I threw in a bunch of fx pedals as well.


Various patches featured in my current Lakes On Fire project.


Here’s a track I recorded with the LPV patch crafted by our very own @shreeswifty. Patrick says this is a ‘live phase vocoder’ but to me it sounds way more than that. LPV is also a mangler and, in a way, a sampler. It can do amazing things to the incoming audio. This track is based on a sample from the best-ever known Hungarian song, Gloomy Sunday (music: Rezső Seress, lyrics: László Jávor, performed by Pál Kalmár, 1933). The Organelle went thru the Strymon Big Sky. Experimental-ambient stuff.


awesome jooga!
love it


here’s a demo of @shreeswifty’s ct5 patch with a lot of reverb and some guitar chords. crazy the little melodies it started playing on it’s own, so much fun.


Jammed this morning for a bit this has 7 or 8 patches in it but the basis is CoolwaveGrains


Great stuff @yeahsometimes, morning drone is beautiful!


Nice one! Very enjoyable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Was looking for something like this… shows off something a bit more intense from the Organelle.


This is an instrumental cover (well, sort of…) of Tuxedomoon’s “In a Manner of Speaking” at which I arrived by accident; I started playing around with the amazing new patch MOTH-7 by Kyle Werle, added a little this and that and the whole thing started to sound like this long-time favourite…
The Organelle went thru an Empress Reverb and was responsible for stuttering, glitchy beats + some fm synth (MOTH-7), the Sub 37 threw in the bass (via an OTO BAM), the OP-1 produced the ‘gritty’ sequence (thru a CT5) and I did the solo with the Mopho x4 (thru a Big Sky).


Variation on a theme!

This one also uses Moth-7, as well as SLICER, Spruce (just Polybeats with piano samples) and the 8 Page Synth Patch.

I’ve been so impressed with the LyonPotpourri library that i’ve decided to steal it’s name wholesale, for Organelle based musics. Sue me!


yooooooooooo this is great, i love it! we should collab sometime, similar styles!


I’m glad you like that library. I should get an asterisk on the album! :slight_smile: or were you already using it? I forget


i think we should do like a group track with organelles and modular or something and share WAVS on soundcloud
i have a ton of electro minimalism or more like electro-mermanism electronic meets ethel merman kinds stuff


Love the idea.
Getting some if the lines community vibe going here.


no doubt! you’ve breathed new life into the organelle by introducing people to these libraries. if i ever make an album, you’ll be credited!


Collaborations would be ace! A collective E.P. of works made using the Organelle would be really cool and could grow the community further.


Have has this thing a little while, recorded this little EP back in February/March entirely on the organelle just to see what I could get out of it, threw in some Ableton and pedalboard fx later. It’s a great little box!


Love turning the sample speed up to pitch the drums on the first track, sounds great! Post more please!


I appreciate it, and thanks for listening! I just downloaded a bunch of new patches so I think more will definitely be on the way. My next step is incorporating some of these sounds with my band, I think