Organelle OG and M Midi (interesting) differences

Hi all,

just been doing some MIDI tests between both machines, with an interesting result.

I fired a midi seq consisting of an arpeggio of looped 16th notes using the same MIDI patch on both.

  • The original with a UM-1 usb interface triggers really well, no issues.

-Using the UM-1 USB The M however glitches/hiccups every 7 to 8 notes, almost like a buffer clog.
-Is flawless if using the TRS MIDI input.

Is this a known issue with the M USB? I’m running 3.1

We’ve not heard of this before. OS 3.1 is not the current OS so probably a good idea to update to OS 4.1.

Somewhat bemused. If you have never heard of that issue before, why would you suggest updating from 3.1 to 4.1??
Its a UM-1 issue other usb midi interface work fine
I have a very stable system that works perfectly for how I write/perf music, so I can live with that small annoyance without possibly breaking lots of other things.

OS3.1 has a known MIDI bug that was fixed in the subsequent release…

Good to know its on the UM-1 side of things. Thanks for the update.