Organelle on a pedalboard

Hi guys,

I’m very interested by putting an Organelle on my pedalboard in a loop of my Boss LS-2 so that I can play it with my guitar through guitar patches and easy turn it on/off.
It could also be used as synth (without rewiring of the board), no problem if I send it straight to my guitar amp?

Who’s using that wonderful piece of gear like that?

have a nice day

I am REALLY considering doing that… I have a Fractal FX8 as my board so I’m kinda thinking it could be a pretty epic combination… :smiley:

It says 9VDC (center positive) with 1000mA. Does it really need so much power? or is it the power supply given with the Organelle?

The Organelle ships with a power supply (9VDC, 1000mA, Center-Positive polarity:

When the Organelle starts up, it can draw more amperage than when it is running. That’s why it ships with a power supply that provides 1000mA.

It is not recommended to use a power supply that deviates from the above specifications (9VDC, 1000mA, Center-Positive polarity) as unpredictable behavior and/or damage to the instrument could occur.

I’m super excited to hear how this works for people…

Re: the adapter, I imagine the best solution would be to use the courtesy outlet of a Voodoo Lab PP2+ or another pedalboard power supply that has a similar setup.

Devices that don’t get the right mA are unhappy and don’t function correctly at best. Plus the center positive nature…

I have just recently incorporated the organelle into my vocal pedal board. I used a custom built "split n blend circuit to send a signal to the organelle and return. Also placed a momentary switch on the board to have controls and a volume pedal to be able to adjust hands free. I keep the organelle a playing height, but I suppose you could mount it right to the board if you don’t plan on adjusting much or playing the keys.