Battery Pack, 2 Pedals and an Organelle. Noisy Signal

I’m going mad.

I’ve decided I want to make my setup more mobile and I’ve purchased and JOYO JP-05 to power my EHX-45000 and my reverb pedal.

Actually, I’ve purchased and returned every single usb-9v/usb-12v adapter available on I’ve used these with different USB power banks. Mostly Anker brand but some generic as well. I’ve heard the buzzing on all of them.

On to the JOYO. It’ supposed to be super quiet. And it is actually very quiet compared to other power supply/buck boost combos that I’ve tried.
Here’s the thing: I plug in the pedals. All is well. The 45000 will play loops and be happy. The reverb sounds as fine as it can. As soon as I plug up the Organelle, all heck breaks loose. There’s some digital whine like a GSM phone as it boots up. There’s a bit of growl. When I scroll the encoder it makes noise in the signal.

Has anyone had this issue? What am I missing? DC to DC should be super quiet right?



Unfortunately it looks like that supply cannot provide enough amperage for the Organelle. The Organelle requires 1000mA (1.0A). The specs from the link you provide indicate 500mA max. per 9VDC output.

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DOH! That could be the issue! Man I feel foolish. :poop:

I’m using one of these

in my experience the organelle adds noise to any electrical signal shared with pedals or mixer… so it needs to be on it’s own outlet… i tried using a few of those multi-usb output outlets with pedal and organelle. always the same.

you could do what yr doing if you had to diff batteries. one for pedal one for org.