Organelle not booting up when connecting to power supply

Hi guys,

Really bummed out that my first post here is going to be a cry for help… I just got my Organelle today and imediately ripped open the box to get to the goodies inside. It didn’t come with a power supply, even though it’s new, so I hooked it up to a Boss wallwart I had lying around and… Nothing!

The screen didn’t light up at all, the supply itself worked fine after testing it on some other equipment. Same with two other supplies, one of which is a Strymon Mobius.

So anything I can do? Did I do something wrong and/or is this fixable, or should I just send it back to the webshop I bought it from.

It’s so frustrating to have this wonderful new toy that I really want to get into be reduced to a glorified doorstop, any help is appreciated!


That is strange that it did not come with power supply. It does not sound like you purchased it from the C&G site. Please have the store you bought it from send you the correct power supply!

In the meantime, the Organelle requires a power supply with the following specs: 9VDC, minimum of 1000mA, a 2.1mm tip with center positive polarity:

Some power supplies from Boss, Roland, One Spot, etc. tend to have tips with center negative polarity and these will not work unless you have a polarity reverser.

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Wow you really saved me here with those specs!

I’m guessing C&G doesn’t manufacture any european power supplies, so the webshop shipped mine with an overly complex power supply that has 10 switchable pins, switchable voltage. And what I just noticed after checking those specs against the power supply depending on the direction you plug the pin into the supply it outputs either center positive or negative!

It seems to be working perfectly now, I’m stoked to get exploring!

Thanks a bunch!


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Hey, same problem here:

Got the package an hour ago. The same super adapter tool kit was sent to me too. Can not get any response from Organelle with this power adapter, but while trying another one I have for a synth with correct specs it lights up the AUX led blue. But, nothing still eventually happens. Only the blue light is lit, nothing besides that.

Goooooosh. I am getting miserable here and fast. Any idea how to proceed?

Annoying as hell is also that three of the switchable tips fit Organelle while being different. None give out that certain spark Im looking for.

you need the 2.1mm +9v , centre positive, Id check your using this.

hopefully this will get it working, at which point id recommend you buy a proper PSU for it (or get the shop to supply one) , single voltage with the right tip! (*)

if its still not working, perhaps board is blown due to wrong voltage/polarity, so send it back, and perhaps tell them its an unsuitable PSU!?
(especially if they did not give you detailed instructions on how to use the PSU with the Organelle!)

good luck, hope your soon able to enjoy your new organelle :slight_smile:

(*) Im amazed they are sending out these adapters, using the wrong polarity (e.g -ve centre) or voltage settings - can make some devices go ‘pop’ - so you have to be very careful using them, and even then ‘accidents’ happen (pick up the wrong tip) … just not worth the hassle imho.

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What I did was follow Chrisk’s specs to get the power supply just right. Right tip size, center positive (this was tricky with mine, make sure the tips are inserted the right way around), correct voltage… There are a lot of parameters you need to look at here, make sure all of them are as Chrisk described and you should be fine. Mine has been working perfectly ever since!

Mine does not react to correct specs, I think the power supply was malfunctioning and fried itself and the Organelle. Curiously enough another power source I own that has the rights pecs is able to light up the AUX led blue. The one that came with the organelle doesnt do even that, nor does it work with my other gear either. Oh the waiting, its gonna be a minimum of two weeks to get a working unit back home.

Man, that really sucks :frowning: Really does sound like something’s fried, I’d ask for a reasonable power supply while you’re at it! Hope you’ll get it sorted soon.

Surely they could just ship it with the usual power supply and then you could just use an international plug converter in the power socket so that you can plug it in.

or just supply the correct psu… a 9v 1a psu, with switchable heads, costs about 10 euro.

I’m not sure, why C&G different supply one with switchable heads in the first place, we dont all live in the USA , lets hope for future products they consider the rest of the world :wink:

It would be great if there was a straightforward PSU for other parts of the world shipped with the C&G products, but I appreciate that it’s really hard to figure this kind of stuff out on a global scale… It also sounds like a lot less fun than developing another wacky doodad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@cschronicle & @thetechnobear Yes, we do ship our instruments with our usual power supply (9VDC, 1000mA, 2.1mm tip with center-positive polarity). However, the store that @cschronicle bought it from ships it with that configurable power supply instead.

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@chrisk, don’t they have US sockets though? mine did.

its pretty common over head in the EU, for products to supply external PSUs, that have a multi country socket on them, in particular UK/EU, but often they have 5 different heads.
(so the DC 9v end is fixed, its just the socket end that is changeable)

p.s. just noticed my previous post wasn’t particular clear though :wink: