Organelle & OPZ

Hi guys,
Some fellows here have an Opz and an organelle. I’ve been interesting about the Opz because it’s very small and has convenient size. However, how does the sequencer part works with orac ? Is it a good pair ? Or do any of you have a good advice ? I know that for about the same price i can have a digitakt or a digitone…

I’m new to op-z and organelle, but brought both recently. I can’t really tell anything about the teamwork of this pair yet, but I can post my experience here once I’m a little bit more firm with both.
I sold my digitakt for the op-z. In my option the digitakt is more like a workhorses, pretty mechanical and u need to know what you want to do. The op-z is more like a fun jam friendly inspiration Maschine. Both are awesome and powerful sequencer/maschines.

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Hello, I also own this two machines, and start experimenting. I matched few drummachines patches with bass lines on the OP-Z, and came with interesting jams very quickly. The Organelle was sending midi clock to the OP-Z, but the opposite might be very cool, the OP-Z sequencer being powerful.
The Organelle patches that send MIDI start/stop informations are great to play with.

Someone uploaded a very interesting video:

The comment section is full of good tips.
I’ll try to try with Orac too, and let you know how it goes.

Thanks ! I know for sure opz is very intuitive and fun to play.