Organelle OS 3.1 TB Beta

I tried it but then i couldn’t get the midi to work so i immediately went back to OS 3.0 and that works fine with the alsa.config file:

channel 1;
usealsa 1;
alsaconfig 28:1 128:0 128:1 28:1;

so it’s a configuration issue. should i remove the alsa.config file when using OS 3.1? is that the problem? what should the midi setup be for a Korg Monologue which i know shows up as two devices? (the organelle recognises it in the setup, i guess it just needs configuring correctly?)

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how you do this has changed for 3.1, see my “how to” video

But generally for 3.1 if it’s just one device you should be able to just to select it in midi setup

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ah! thanks! i got it. just a channel issue. i needed to set it to channel 1.

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it’s nice now because the organelle doesn’t show those annoying invisible files that my mac adds to the Usb stick.

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This, and this chap:

Have inspired me to get an expression pedal and a guitar. Both are now under my ownership and looking forward to some ambient jams on the Organelle. :smiley:


Hey Mark, I am running 3.1b2 and don’t see ‘Pedal Setup’ under Settings. Am I on an older version? Please let me kow if there’s any more info I can provide. Thanks as always for your tireless work!

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beta3 (3.1b3) has the pedal options , so yeah you need to update :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. Thanks, got it!

Hi there!

New user here, just got it today. I started at 1.1, went to 2, 3, and now 3.1b3. All upgrades seemed to work just fine on OSX 10.12.6. I just copied files to my USB drive for the upgrades. So far so good.


Welcome! :grinning:

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I’m on latest OS 3.1 b3 and finally just using the SD card, BUT have strange behaviour about, as soon as I try to configure such a file inside a patch it does not seem respond to it? MIDI OUT is blocked?
Is it only me? or I’m missing something? @thetechnobear @ghostly606

I’m afraid when it comes to anything code or Linux related I am a complete and utter noob, sorry!

Thanks, its really just from the user point of view/use…

I don’t even know what does or what .sh files are. I’ve reverted back to USB only for now.

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sorry had visitors so not time to dig into these things…

@keymanpal , are you saying its not picked up at all? or midi out is not working?
should be ok for sdcards as this is my normal use-case, i only use the usb stick for testing :wink:

i’ll give it another test later today.

p.s. what i usually do as the test is:
a) connect 2 midi devices
b) goto midi seutp - select one
c) copy to a patch directory
d) goto midi seutp - select other midi device

now all patches except the one i copied patch_loaded too (in step c) , should use the 2nd midi device and the ‘overridden’ one, should have midi device from selected in step (b)

doing this test, eliminates possibilities of editing errors etc.

anyway, i’ll re-test it later today.

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@keymanpal ok, so did the above test, using 2 devices and 1008 and additive synth…
and worked fine.

so its picking up the correct… so think we need to look more specifically at what your doing.
(e.g. above is for midi input, are you doing something else)

could you try the above test with 2 midi devices feeding input to 1008 and additive synth, and check this works for you… if that works we can then go into more specifics.

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Its cool and thanks for taking a look :wink:

oh yep, its MIDI OUT from Pd to multiple destinations
aconnect "Pure Data:1" "UM-2G:0"
aconnect "Pure Data:1" "UM-2G:1"

I also had a hard time with [s midiOutGate] 0 inside patch file main.pd; its not working BUT
oscsend localhost 4000 /midiOutGate i 0 inside file patch_loaded does the trick!!

I’ve always meant to hook up multiple MIDI devices but since getting the Organelle I don’t use much else! :smiley:

I’d need to check, are you sure it’s midigateout as a receive/send? The osc names do not have to match the send/receive - though nice if they do :wink:
EDIT- checked mother.pd, its is midiOutGate , so [loadbang] -> [0] -> [s midiOutGate] , or similar, in main.pd should work. unless perhaps timing issue between mother.pd and main.pd loading, in which case, you might need a short delay.

Multiple outputs should work…
Try attaching monitor/keyboard , then set up again, and run patch ( must be running),
(you don’t need to do startx)

then type

aconnect -l

This tells you how alsa has connected the devices and Pd.


All working good and I think I found whats THE “glitch”.
Some kind of file corruption using drag n’ drop from iMac via cyberduck to OG;
same exact text content two different outcomes… weirdness… not entirely convinced though.
I’m very carefully (name of devices) editing the

Again thanks for taking a look.

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