What's the latest update/firmware for Organelle?

Hello I have the first model Organelle and I haven’t used it in months. What’s the latest firmware/update for it? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the site. Can the organelle run the same patches as what can be played on the Organelle M?


The lastest firmware version is 4.0. You can find it in the manual.
I believe both Organelle 1 and M run Pure Data 0.49, so patches should be compatible. (But of course, some Organelle M patches might be too CPU intensive for the Organelle 1).

thank you! It says that it has to be downloaded to a MicroSD card, my organelle only has the USB drive. Can I still download it to my USB?

The microSD card slot is located on the back of the Organelle next to the power input. You need a small paper clip to press it gently so that it releases. Be careful when you insert it back that it doesn’t fall inside.

wow… i’ve had this for years and i never knew there was a microSD slot, thank you!