Organelle / PD Helper Files

Hey Friends,

For the sake of community, I thought I’d share 2 helper files that make it easier for me to develop Organelle patches.

Input/Output Helper: Sends and Receives the same data as the Organelle would, so you can know if your patch will work before uploading it. To get the wav file to work, just change the name from guitar.wav to any wav you have locally on your machine in the same directory. I’d imagine most of us have created something similar already but no one has shared it.

Pagination Helper: Helps with when you want your Organelle patch to paginate between options using the AUX button. This is set up for 3 pages, but you should be able to change it pretty easily to use less or more of them.
You also need to include this file into the same directory to get the pagination to work:

In honesty, I would really love Critter & Guitari to break down their patches into more reusable modules / files and release them. It would be easier for them to reuse for new patches, and easier for the community to create awesome things. Can you tell I’m a programmer by trade? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for these. I hope the more experienced in the community can pick up on this.

Apart from Organelle templates, I wonder if many parts of instruments could be made available in this way. I imagine VCA, VCF, Reverb & Delay sections that are easy to reuse between patches.

Just started learning about Pd this week with no programming background. Thanks for helping the starters!

I have a question about switching aux pages -
Would it be possible to make it so that to change the aux function, you would press/hold aux and turn the knob that switches patches?

This way, you would be changing the aux line on the screen, for example between “record sequence” “lfo menu” “adsr” etc, and then once you select what pressing aux will do, you press it to go

is sigmund available for Organelle?

Yes there is! And many many more…

there are a few i cannot seem to find or get to work.
mainly Tom Erbe’s externals which could really open up Spectral Oganelle patches
I have the .c of +pitchdelay

here are the .zips of the binaries Tom released

i could not get any of them to instantiate an object in a patch so i emailed Tom and he sent me the .c code
I am hopeful someone @ C&G could do it since i assume they have the mothership code in the secret laboratory
somewhere :slight_smile:

It would be super if we could test one plugin together this way

if someone could make a working .pd_linux for this bad boy i’d be ecstatic. BTW Tom in an email said he was open sourcing them so it’s koo