Organelle Pixel Error and Electrification of the Metal Surface

Hi everyone

just got my Organelle two days ago, so I´m a totall newbiee,

my Organelle was shipped with OS 1.1 from MusicStore Cologne
and after second start, there is smth like dead pixels in the Screen,
its a bummer cause some letters become unreadable with this.
I Updated to OS 2.1 but the problem still exists…
is this a bug, what can i do? anyone of you know this too?

I have to add, that when its powered and stays on the table ( wodden table )
the surface is a bit “electrified” when touching it
when in have it your hands, not touching the table, the “electrification” is gone…

maybe it has smth to do with the poweradapter?
some electrical grounding problem?



The dead pixels sound like a hardware issue, so the screen might need replacing.

The metal surface current is normal, discussed in more detail here: