Power issues (case)

Hi all,

I recently bought an Organelle and I’m really enjoying it but I’m still a bit unsure on the power supply. I have been using it with a UK adaptor and it seemed to be working but now the case seems to be making my fingers tingle when it’s plugged in but stops when unplugged. Has anyone else had this issue?

I did have it plugged into a multi plug adapter with surge protection too. Any advice welcome!


Hey there,

I’ve actually had very similar problems, although mine have been a little more than just the tingly fingers (from what I assume is a rogue current running through the case?).

I was using the supplied UK power adapter into a universal adapter plug (I’m in Australia), but it didn’t last very long before it fizzled. I bought a power adapter with an Australian plug, but unfortunately that has been causing problems too. I think I might try one more new adapter before I get back in touch with the company. They’ve been really willing to help so far, which is good.

Afraid I don’t have much useful advice. What I can say is that the power seem to be more stable for me straight out of the wall socket (no extension chords or power boards), so try that and see how you go. I hope it isn’t a problem with the Organelle, but I’m beginning to think that’s the case.

Also interested to hear if anyone else has had similar problems, or if the folks at Critter & Guitari have heard of this happening.


Thanks Mox.

Not a nice thing to say but I’m glad it’s not just me. Fingers crossed you manage to find a power supply that works for you. I thought I was going mad when I first felt it buzzing me. I assumed they would have made the case out of a none conductive metal?

I’m going to try just running it straight from the wall because I had been doing that before and didn’t feel anything weird. I’ll keep you informed.

Thanks for sharing.

It sounds like you are experiencing a small amount of leakage current on the surface of the Organelle. While it is a harmless amount of electricity it can be disconcerting and annoying. Depending on the power and grounding situation of the mains, the problem may be better or worse. You could try different power configurations like you mention which might improve the situation.

You could also try a linear power adapter for the instrument. The Organelle ships with a newer and more efficient switching supply which contributes to the leakage problem. A linear one will be bigger and heavier than the current one. Something like this should work:


Although this is a North American (120VAC) version. The downside of a linear supply is it can’t do both 120VAC and 240VAC input. So make sure any linear supply is rated for the mains voltage.

You might be able to find one at your local electronics store, they are pretty common. Just make sure it is 9VDC, 1000mA, and with a center positive tip.

I have the same issue, but the problem goes away depending on the connections I make. I guess some connections cause the unit to be grounded. I also remember that when I used another generic, switchable supply, the problem never happened. But I must check that again.

I have this problem with most metal cased electronic instruments, octatrack is a particular offender. Only ever when I use them around a laptop though, so probably that is the issue.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I’ve currently got it set up with the power running straight from the mains via a UK adaptor but it’s still buzzing my fingers a little. I’ve had it set up with a Earthquaker Devises pedal and also plugged in an amp… not ideal. It’s not stopping me from enjoying it but i just worry that i may be doing damage. I’ve already noticed that the start up is slowing down. Could that be a side effect?

I also have the same experience, and using an UK adaptor too (Hong Kong).
Sometimes it was only a small amount of spike, but for safety reason I always keep my Organelle unplug while idle.

It would be great if C&G would provide a adaptor option in their future product.

Just waiting for my UAD-2 card to be sold, so I can get an Organelle instead.

Hopefully VERY soon :slight_smile:

And I am wondering if anyone that uses regular european power standards has these issues with “buzzin’ fingers”? Or if this is a UK only issue?


Im in France. When powered, the surface of the Organelle feels a bit weird. I have the same issue with my aluminium laptop and my edirol sound card, so i’m used to it :slight_smile:

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Hm… I guess i need to try it myself. Only store that sells it in Denmark is like 3 hours away, so I guess I need to plan a day trip when time comes :slight_smile:

I’ve had no issue with the organelle, either standalone or connected to a mixer, and I’ve used a couple of power supplies. ( one from U.K and a European one).

But sounds like a grounding issue, which I’ve sometime had on my MacBook Pro - its nothing too worry about - it’s low voltage/current , and if you connect to anything else (e.g. Mixer) it’ll ground through that. (assuming that has ground ;))

( I’ve not had any ground loop issues either which would be my bigger concern)

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