Organelle Release Date Confirmation?

Hi there, just wanted to know if release is still planned for 2015?
The lack of new information/videos/sound examples either means a) that the team is super busy finishing this thing :slight_smile: , or that there might be some difficulties/delays.
Which one is it?


Thanks for your interest. Answer is A


haha i am excited for this to be released and for sale as well. cant wait for a few sample videos…c and g have only released high quality, lovingly made musical instruments so i would rather wait a little longer and get a proper made synth that functions as it should instead of a rushed junk machine like the huge synth names sometimes out…
all we beg for is a video. just one video… lol. please?? a xmas miracle?

@myecholalia Looks like it’s been delayed.

thanks, mate. hadn’t seen this.
looks like the team is focusing on making this quality.
i appreciate that.

Any news or videos about the Organelle?

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Nothing to confirm at the moment, but lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline! Stay tuned!

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I got tired of waiting, bought 3 Axoloti’s instead. I kinda splurged my savings at Christmas time, anyways. Definitely going to keep my eye on the organelle, though.

Organelle is available now!

Also check out the patches page:


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Does anyone know if this would work for .wav sample play back, specifically for full song backing tracks. I’m currently using an SP404SX sampler and this seems like it could be a great replacement. Thanks!

Yes! The Organelle is great at playing back .wav files. Check out the “Sampler Style” patch in our repository:
In that patch, each key is set to play a specific .wav file. There are other ways to configure .wav file playback as well.

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Thanks!!! Is there a size limit of each file and once the Organelle boots up can the samples be accessed without a delay?

Bought. Ready to dive in. :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi there, very interested in the Organelle, I can see it’s available for order in the USA, but when will it be available in the UK? Who are your distributors here? Thanks!

We ship world wide, and you can check shipping options on the cart page. We have several dealers in UK, check our dealer page. They all should be stocking soon.

Good news! Thanks :smiley: